10 Ways to Maximize Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

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If there’s one factor it is best to decide instantly or proper after the second you consider shedding pounds – it’s inexperienced tea! Green tea is the most well-liked beverage amongst health fans and its results on the subject of weight reduction and on general well being unanimously hailed by well being consultants. There’s no confusion about all the nice issues inexperienced tea can do for you physique, however there’s loads of subtleties about this superb beverage that one must know to get most profit out of it, from the sort of water one makes use of to steep inexperienced tea, to the right temperature of water, and plenty of such issues. To get extra out of your cup of inexperienced tea, learn on to find out about some saved secrets and techniques of inexperienced tea on the subject of weight reduction, that nobody has in all probability instructed you earlier than. In the identical breath, we wish to reiterate the truth that nothing can change a nutritious diet and train on the subject of weight reduction – inexperienced tea can simply act as slightly helper to offer your weight reduction efforts a very good enhance, however don’t count on it to work like magic when food plan and train elements are unfulfilled. People who’ve adopted a devoted exercise routine aside from following the correct of food plan profit an amazing deal as a result of inexperienced tea boosts metabolism to a substantial stage and flushes out antioxidants.

Ways to Maximize Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

What Makes Green Tea Special?

Green tea is extracted from Camellia sinensis plant and is wealthy in antioxidants (polyphenols), catechin (epigallocatechin gallate), flavonoids, and so forth. which have quite a few well being advantages. Green tea isn’t closely processed and that’s why is wealthy in antioxidants which flushes out toxins from the physique and in addition boosts metabolism. The anti-inflammatory properties of inexperienced tea additionally assist forestall many ailments like kind 2 diabetes, coronary heart illness, and even Alzheimer’s illness. Research has additionally confirmed to scale back danger inexperienced tea helps in decreasing the danger of varied forms of most cancers akin to breast, prostate, ovarian, pores and skin and abdomen most cancers. The EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) content material of inexperienced tea suppresses the exercise of pro-inflammatory chemical substances produced within the physique and in addition helps in decreasing blood stress, ldl cholesterol, and the buildup of plaque in blood vessels that are all the key danger components for coronary heart illness. Even if you don’t want to drop any weight, it will be an amazing concept to change to inexperienced tea from regular tea, to reap its superb well being advantages.

Why Green Tea is a Must-Have in Weight Loss?

The metabolism boosting properties of inexperienced tea helps to attain out for fats reserves within the physique to burn as vitality, thus aiding weight reduction. Compounds in inexperienced tea improve ranges of hormones that inform fats cells to interrupt down fats. This releases fats into the bloodstream and makes it obtainable as vitality. One examine has proven that folks consuming inexperienced tea can burn as much as 100 extra energy in a day than individuals who don’t devour it in any respect, it is because inexperienced tea is wealthy in antioxidants which pace up up physique’s metabolism and thus assist in burning extra energy.

Green tea can even:

  • Green tea incorporates caffeine as a chief constituent and a kind of flavonoid referred to as catechin, which is an antioxidant.
  • Helps mobilize fats cells, leading to redistribution of fats.
  • Can trigger elevated quick burning.
  • Boosts metabolism.
  • Green tea is believed to scale back urge for food.
  • Reduces ldl cholesterol stage.

10 Best Kept Secrets of Green Tea for Weight Loss:

  • While everyone knows, inexperienced tea must be made in scorching water. Never make it like your common chai, don’t boil inexperienced tea leaves within the water whereas it’s on the flame. Boil water to 80 to 85 levels, or when the bubbles begin forming on the backside of the vessel. Take it down from the flame and steep the inexperienced tea bag at this temperature. If the water is chilly, the antioxidants and catechin won’t get activated. If the water is simply too scorching, it’ll scale back antioxidant exercise.
  • To forestall inexperienced tea from tasting higher, don’t brew it for greater than 2 to three minutes in scorching water.
  • It’s higher to go for pure flavour of inexperienced tea with out choosing lemon, ginger or mint flavours. We have seen that some manufacturers add scale back the inexperienced tea content material and add synthetic flavours of mint, lemon, ginger and so forth., to reinforce the flavour of inexperienced tea.
  • Do not add any sort of synthetic sweetener to your inexperienced tea. Artificial sweeteners should not wholesome and may in reality add energy. Read extra in regards to the unwanted effects of taking synthetic sweeteners right here.
  • It’s okay to squeeze in recent lemon to your inexperienced tea, there aren’t any unfavorable results.
  • It’s okay so as to add honey too to reinforce the style of this beverage, however it will be nice when you might wean your self off any sort of sweetener in inexperienced tea and take it in as authentic type as doable.
  • Since inexperienced tea may cause dehydration, it’s advisable to limit consumption to only Three cups a day. Since inexperienced tea additionally incorporates caffeine, it could possibly have unfavorable results if consumed in extra, so one should seek the advice of a physician to find out about the correct dosage as per one’s well being situation. As per Harvard Health Publications, Three cups is taken into account a traditional quantity. In order to get most profit from this drink, it is best to keep throughout the optimum dosage, which is about three cups of tea a day.
  • Always use water with much less TDS (whole dissolved salts), for instance RO water, to get most advantages of the inexperienced tea as a result of minerals present in water can intervene with the compounds and scale back their effectiveness.
  • Should you drink inexperienced tea scorching or chilly? You can drink it each methods – simply bear in mind it to steep it for no less than 2 to three minutes in scorching water to launch its antioxidants and different compounds. Once the compounds get activated, you’ll be able to drink it at any temperature that you really want.
  • The finest time to drink inexperienced tea is one hour earlier than or after a meal as it could possibly assist in digestion and enhance metabolism as properly. Also, having inexperienced tea half an hour earlier than figuring out can offer you a lift of vitality.
  • Do not devour inexperienced tea earlier than going to mattress as it could possibly disturb your sleep sample and also you may end up staring on the ceiling for many a part of the evening.
  • Do not devour inexperienced tea along with your meals as, tannins, which is an antioxidant can intervene with iron absorption within the physique. Keep a niche of no less than an hour between inexperienced tea and your meals.
  • Loose inexperienced is preferable than those which can be obtainable in tea baggage as a result of the flavour is richer. When utilizing a tea bag, you’ll be able to tear open the bag and spill some content material into the cup.
  • Do not devour inexperienced tea on empty abdomen as it could possibly trigger acidity by stimulating the discharge of gastric acid and trigger acidity and gastritis.

Side Effects of Drinking Excess Amounts of Green Tea:

As inexperienced tea incorporates appreciable quantity of caffeine, having it in extreme quantities causes headache, nervousness, sleeplessness, irritability, irregular heartbeat, heartburn, dizziness and confusion. Too a lot inexperienced tea within the physique will result in dehydration. It may also result in elevated probabilities of growing osteoporosis as a result of it will increase the quantity of calcium misplaced via urine. Drinking inexperienced tea near bedtime can disturb the sleep sample and result in insomnia. In case you’re pregnant, it is best to positively restrict your inexperienced tea consumption to 2 cups a day. Tannins current in inexperienced tea reduces consumption of folic acid which is a vital vitamin to scale back little one delivery defects, so it will be a more sensible choice to skip it fully. It can also be recognized to intervene with the absorption of iron, therefore it is best to keep away from consuming inexperienced tea with meals.

Best Green Tea Brands within the Market:

1. Tetley Green Tea.
2. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea
3. Lipton Green Tea
4. Himalaya Green Tea
5. FabIndia Tulsi Green Tea

Green tea can assist in rushing up the method of weight reduction however inexperienced tea alone can’t provide help to in decreasing weight if you don’t comply with a nutritious diet and train frequently. Green tea can by no means change nutritious diet packages akin to on Rati Beauty and in addition common train. Instead, you’ll be able to enhance your weight reduction efforts by consuming 2-Three cups of inexperienced tea per day.

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How to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

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