Gluten Free Bread Flour

Gluten Free Bread Flour

This gluten free bread flour is the mix that works greatest to make bread dough that behaves probably the most such as you bear in mind. Make formed breads with a style you’ll love.

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How to make this gluten free bread flour mix

My gluten free bread flour is made by combining Three substances. They are whey protein isolate, Expandex or Ultratex Three modified tapioca starch, and a powerful all objective gluten free flour.

The proper all objective gluten free flour

I started utilizing Better Batter all objective gluten free flour a few years in the past. It has superfine rice flour so it’s by no means gritty and all the time combines correctly with different substances. It’s correctly balanced to create baked items that brown, rise, and style like they need to.

I do know that not everybody can or is prepared to purchase Better Batter. That’s why I created a “mock” Better Batter recipe, so that you can make your individual approximation that can work in each recipe I create that requires an all objective gluten free flour. I’ve repeated that recipe beneath, for comfort.

Since that mock Better Batter mix requires fairly plenty of substances, I’ve additionally examined my bread flour utilizing my “Make It Simpler All Purpose Gluten Free Flour” mix. That mix incorporates solely four substances.

Although I do urge you to make use of Better Batter or create the mock mix, the bread flour will work with the Make It Simpler mix. Suddenly, I discover myself actually wishing I had provide you with a greater title for that easier mix.

Whey protein isolate

Whey protein isolate is an unflavored protein powder that’s practically 100% protein. It is distinct from whey protein focus, which has extra fillers, much less protein.

To make bread flour, you’ll want whey protein isolate. Each 28 grams (1 ounce) of whey protein isolate ought to have about 25 grams of protein. Just verify the label.

Be positive you might be utilizing an unflavored protein. Whey protein isolate is most frequently utilized by bodybuilders who want tons of protein of their diets.

Since they typically mix theirs into shakes, there are many flavored varieties. You do not need any of these flavors. Just the protein, please.

I like Opportuniteas model grass-fed whey protein isolate (that’s an affiliate hyperlink however please store round). NOW Foods model additionally makes an unflavored whey protein isolate, however not everyone seems to be snug that it’s strictly gluten free.

Modified tapioca starch

Expandex is a chemically modified tapioca starch that helps create superb stretch and chew to gluten free breads. Since it’s chemically (not genetically) modified, it’s not the identical as and can’t be changed with common tapioca starch/flour.

When I first began publishing recipes utilizing it in 2013, Expandex grew to become very tough to search out in a short time. Since then, it’s develop into extra broadly utilized in gluten free baking. With that, it’s develop into extra broadly obtainable.

I maintain an lively listing of sources for buying modified tapioca starch that I’ll hyperlink to beneath. Since Expandex tends to be harder to search out exterior the U.S., I’ve discovered how you can use the same product referred to as Ultratex 3.

Ultratex Three seems to me to be about Three instances as robust as Expandex. To use Ultratex Three on this mix as a substitute of Expandex, I’ve modified the portions of all Three substances. I present the entire numbers beneath.

Why bake recipes with gluten free bread flour?

Baking recipes that decision for this gluten free bread flour is an expertise rather more like what you may count on once you’re baking standard yeast bread. The dough isn’t overly moist just like the batter-style of bread.

The batter-style kind of gluten free bread dough doesn’t look or behave something like standard yeast bread when it’s uncooked and even when it’s baking. It has fairly often been described as “cookie dough.”

If you’ve ever made a batter-style gluten free bread, which completely nonetheless has its place in my coronary heart, the second you make this bread dough you’ll see how completely different it’s. You can manipulate it along with your palms with out moistening them first.

Better texture, higher style, extra prospects

The breads you’ll make with this gluten free bread flour seem completely different when uncooked, and style completely different when baked. They will be made with out enrichments like eggs and butter, as a result of they’ve inside construction extra like standard bread.

If you’re egg-free, this may be significantly helpful. Only the breads which can be naturally enriched, like brioche, will nonetheless have to be made with eggs and butter.

If you’ve got earlier expertise shaping standard yeast bread dough, all of that can are available fairly useful right here. With this mix, working with gluten free yeast bread dough doesn’t need to imply weepy mounds of moist dough.

And not like gluten free yeast bread of the previous, most of those rolls have two rises. That signifies that the dough is simpler to deal with nonetheless, and there may be even some taste improvement within the yeast.

What breads can I make with this flour?

Below are a few of the many bread recipes on the weblog which can be designed to be made utilizing this recipe for gluten free bread flour. There are others, too, and naturally an entire guide of gluten free bread you should purchase.

But you don’t have to purchase the guide. I’m not even linking to it right here. You can merely use the gluten free bread recipes right here on the weblog that use that mix.

Below are a few of my favourite gluten free bread flour recipes. Two of them are reprinted recipes from GFOAS Bakes Bread. The relaxation I created after the guide was already printed, to share right here on the weblog. I really like all of them equally. ❤️

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This gluten free chocolate pull-apart bread was created when the Internet was stuffed with pull-apart bread recipes. I hate it after we can’t bake alongside, so I shared a approach for us to do it, too. Make it chocolate, or a cinnamon-sugar model.

These gluten free Texas Roadhouse-style rolls are as tender, light and fluffy as you remember. But they're safely gluten free!

These gluten free Texas Roadhouse-style rolls are tender, gentle and fluffy, however they’re safely gluten free. Let that bread basket move you by and take a look at these as a substitute!

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Warm and gooey gluten free Nutella bread, full of everybody’s favourite hazelnut unfold. Braided for a beautiful presentation, it’s dressed to impress!

These soft gluten free breadsticks are a homemade version of the famous Olive Garden breadsticks. Fluffy and soft inside, with a thin, almost crispy layer outside, and covered in garlic butter.

These smooth gluten free breadsticks are a selfmade model of the well-known Olive Garden breadsticks. Fluffy and smooth inside, with a skinny, virtually crispy layer exterior, and lined in garlic butter.

This recipe for soft and tender gluten free Hawaiian rolls makes the perfect gluten free bread for any occasion—for everything from dinner rolls to burger buns!

This recipe for smooth and tender gluten free Hawaiian rolls makes the right gluten free bread for any event—for the whole lot from dinner rolls to burger buns. This recipe additionally has some movies of me dealing with the bread dough, which many discover helpful in getting used to baking with gluten free bread flour.

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You know these tremendous squishy, soft-crusted rolls from Subway? Well, I made smooth gluten free sandwich rolls in simply that model.

I feel Subway really carries packaged gluten free bread now, however it’s not the identical. And I’m afraid of all of the cross-contamination worries.

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Ingredients and substitutions


Whey protein isolate is the one protein powder that actually works to make my gluten free bread flour. Only casein (the protein in milk) behaves this very like gluten does in baking.

I’ve had restricted success with rice protein isolate and pea protein isolate rather than whey protein isolate, but it surely simply isn’t fairly the identical in any respect. If you do use a kind of protein powders to make the mix dairy-free, you’ll need so as to add 50% extra water to the bread recipe.

That will create extra of a batter-style gluten free bread recipe that simply isn’t as simple to form. I feel you’re higher off utilizing our older model of gluten free bread recipe, like our gluten free white sandwich bread.

Those old-fashioned recipes didn’t simply cease working as a result of I created a recipe for gluten free bread flour that calls for various recipes. In reality, our gluten free naan bread is made in that model, and it’s probably the most in style recipes on the weblog.


Avoiding nightshades in gluten free baking will be tough. Better Batter makes use of two sorts of potato merchandise: potato starch, and potato flour.

Although there isn’t any substitute for potato flour, you possibly can often substitute potato starch. I discover that arrowroot works nicely. So does cornstarch.

If it’s good to make this bread flour nightshade-free, attempt utilizing the Make It Simpler all objective gluten free flour (there’s that title once more!). It doesn’t name for potato flour, solely potato starch which it is best to be capable of change.


You should use modified tapioca starch on this bread flour mix for it to work in any respect. You can use both Expandex and Ultratex Three within the quantities and in the way in which described within the recipe beneath.

I maintain a present listing of on-line sources for Expandex and Ultratex 3 within the United States, Australia, the U.Okay., and Canada. Ultratex Three appears to be extra broadly obtainable exterior the U.S. than does Expandex.

How to make gluten free bread flour, with a bowl of the flour and two breads you can make with it.

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