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My father was a well-respected Geriatrician (aka, MD for aged folks) for a lot of many years. His sufferers had been from everywhere in the world, and some had been centenarians. Many extra had been of their nineties doing very youthful issues like taking part in golf day by day and driving round city in crimson convertibles with the highest down (true story)!

So a few years as a main care physician for the aged positively resulted in Dad having some robust opinions about what does/doesn’t produce tremendous longevity.

Hence, it was with nice curiosity that I investigated the favored e book The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest to research whether or not the creator’s dietary “classes” had been legitimate or completely off the mark based mostly on my Dad’s medical experiences.

One factor my Dad did NOT consider conferred any profit to longevity based mostly on his years treating the aged and conversing with them at size about their diets as kids and adults was …. await it … being vegetarian! In truth, not a single certainly one of his tremendous aged sufferers abstained from meat.

What is a Longevity Blue Zone (LBZ)?

The time period “Blue Zone” first appeared in a 2005 National Geographic article that investigated the secrets and techniques to a protracted life. Author Dan Buettner additional popularized and trademarked the time period on account of the New York Times bestselling success of his 2008 e book The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.

A half dozen further Blue Zone themed books shortly adopted together with a Blue Zones recipe e book and menu planner.

Buettner asserts that there are 5 Longevity Blue Zones around the globe the place folks outlast common. These areas are:

  1. Okinawa (Japan)
  2. Sardinia (Italy)
  3. Nicoya (Costa Rica)
  4. Ikaria (Greece)
  5. Loma Linda, California (Seventh-Day Adventists)

He bases the Blue Zones idea on first-hand observations in addition to the demographic work revealed in 2004 within the Journal of Experimental Gerontology. (1,2)

Given that Blue Zones is at odds with the cautious anthropological work of Dr. Weston A. Price early within the final century, I suspected that Blue Zones was probably an exaggerated, globalist agenda-driven e book on par with the error-ridden e book The China Study.

Below are the necessary info and surprising omissions in Blue Zones that contradict Buettner’s premise {that a} low-fat, plant-based weight loss plan is finest for conferring the perfect shot at tremendous longevity. Specifically, the Blue Zones dietary “classes” include 6-9 servings of plant meals (greens, fruits, legumes, grains) per day. Any meat consumed must be in small quantities and as lean as potential.

Okinawa Japan

Buettner’s chapter title on Okinawa is about as deceptive as they arrive: “Sunshine, Spirituality, and Sweet Potatoes”.

Together with scientist Dr. Greg Plotnikoff, Buettner asserts that Okinawans eat principally recent greens with little canned meat and salt. While admitting that Okinawans eat pigs nose-to-tail, he means that pork is nonetheless solely consumed for festivals.

He’s flawed on just about all counts. Here’s the fact of the Okinawan Diet that he conveniently omitted or outright contradicted in accordance with different credible sources, a few of which, not surprisingly, have disappeared from the Internet since they don’t help the elitist push for plant-based weight loss plan indoctrination. (3)

  • The Okinawan weight loss plan that contained excessive quantities of candy potatoes solely occurred in periods of famine akin to throughout World War II.
  • Okinawans aren’t as influenced by the dietary restrictions of Buddhism not like Honshu, the principle island of Japan. Hence, the consumption of meat is increased there than the remainder of Japan. Notably, they eat a whole lot of fatty canned pork within the type of SPAM (14 cans per individual per yr on common). This is along with the recent pork consumed from their very own pigs.
  • None of the centenarians in Okinawa had been discovered to be vegetarian not to mention vegan in a 1992 research.
  • Okinawans eat as a lot if no more fish and hamburger than different Japanese.
  • Okinawans common about 100 grams of meat consumption per day (primarily pork) plus one other 100-200 grams of fish. Americans eat roughly the identical quantity of animal protein as Okinawans on common (280 grams per day).
  • The true Okinawan weight loss plan shouldn’t be low-fat as evidenced by their excessive per capita consumption of SPAM. Further proof comes from a 1996 article in Health Magazine by gerontologist Kazuhiko Taira, who described it as “very healthy-and very, very greasy.” Traditional lard is used…not factory-processed vegetable oil like within the West.

Sardinia Italy

The mountainous Barbagia area on the island of Sardinia is one other Blue Zone recognized by Buettner. Studies verify it as such. In 1999, 7 folks over the age of 100 lived in a Sardinian village of solely 2500. By comparability, just one man in 20,000 reaches the age of 100 within the United States.

Buettner writes that “The Sardinian weight loss plan was lean and largely plant-based with an emphasis on beans, entire wheat and backyard greens, wine, goat milk, mastic nut oil.”

This straight contradicts a 2014 research on unimaginable male longevity of the shepherds of mountainous Sardinia revealed within the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Up to a short while in the past, the LBZ [Longevity Blue Zone] inhabitants depended principally upon livestock rearing, and consumption of animal-derived meals was comparatively increased than in the remainder of the island [with lower male longevity]. (4)

Interestingly, the research factors to current modifications including extra fruit and veggies within the weight loss plan of shepherd’s already of a mature age because the probably reason behind their longevity, not the “monotonous”, primarily animal-foods conventional weight loss plan of their rising years, youth, and center age.

At least the authors precisely described the weight loss plan of the mountainous Sardinians, a lot of which was conveniently omitted by Buettner.

  • Sourdough bread
  • Vegetable soup made with pork inventory
  • Ham and sausages with loads of fats made out of Sarda pig, which roams freely within the mountainous areas.
  • Cultured, uncooked goat and sheep milk loaded with lactobacilli.
  • Quite a lot of cheeses.

Not certain how Buettner justifies calling this weight loss plan “plant-based” when animal meals clearly play the central position!

As identified by creator Sally Fallon Morell, the true weight loss plan of the mountainous Sardinians extra intently resembles the writings of Dr. Weston A. Price from the early 1900s than the agenda-promoting weight loss plan Buettner described.

Nicoya Costa Rica

Like the opposite Blue Zones, Buettner offers sufficient info in regards to the weight loss plan of the long-lived Nicoya area of Costa Rica to look credible.

Nicoyans soak their corn in lime water and ash which maximizes nutrient digestibility and releases niacin. The fastidiously ready corn is mixed with beans for maybe “the perfect longevity weight loss plan the world has ever identified” in accordance with Buettner.

While corn and beans are positively staples, Buettner goes utterly off the rails by concluding that these two plant meals are the middle of the Nicoyan weight loss plan.

“Like the folks in most different Blue Zones, Nicoyans ate the emblematic low-calorie, low-fat, plant-based weight loss plan, wealthy in legumes.”

Au contraire.

Animal meals play the central and most necessary position within the Nicoyan weight loss plan, as evidenced by different extra credible sources.

For instance, Spanish settlers within the early 1500s documented that the Costa Rica natives consumed vital quantities of poultry, fish, eggs, turtles and plenty of forms of forest recreation. (5)

A 2013 research of the excessive longevity males of Nicoya discovered that they ate fairly otherwise than different Costa Rican males:

Nicoya diets embrace considerably extra plain, quotidian meals like rice, beans, beef, fish, hen, mild cheese and sodas; and considerably much less of ‘fancy’ meals like aged cheese, olive oil or mayonnaise, much less salad elements (lettuce, avocado, carrot, tomato) and fewer processed and quick meals akin to white bread, cookies and hamburgers. (6)

The most necessary element from above is that Nicoyans eat MORE animal proteins (each meat and fish) than different Costa Ricans with much less longevity!

These long-lived male Nicoyans additionally eat plenty of saturated fats from LARD, a four-letter phrase for plant-based disciples. This conventional fats comes from pigs versus the vegetable oils consumed by much less long-lived Costa Ricans.

The Nicoyan weight loss plan can be not low calorie in comparison with modern-living Costa Ricans.

Nicoyans eat or drink extra energy, carbohydrates, proteins (principally of animal origin) and fibre. (6)

The long-lived Nicoyan weight loss plan can be considerably increased in saturated fat (from pig lard) with whole fats consumption mainly the identical because the shorter-lived Costa Ricans dwelling on trendy manufacturing facility fat (vegetable oils). (6)

Another handy omission by Blue Zones’ reporting of the Nicoyan weight loss plan is the way it included ample quantities of animal organs. Costa Rican resident Gina Baker writes of her visits to a 109 yr previous girl within the village of Mansión:

The woman of the home, upon studying about my analysis, enthusiastically described a standard native dish aptly named sustancia (the Spanish phrase for “substance”) consisting of pork shanks cooked with liver, kidney, ears, cheek, mind and coronary heart, spiced with cilantro, garlic, onions and bell pepper. She additionally described a soup eaten each day by pregnant and nursing girls, containing black or crimson beans cooked with a bone, lard and a sort of inexperienced plantain that may be very wealthy in potassium and magnesium, eaten together with boiled eggs. (7)

The granddaughter and son of one other centenarian said that the household ate massive quantities of meat and that their ancestors consumed meat as a staple as properly. They significantly prized recent liver, with pork, lard and hen pores and skin principal meals within the weight loss plan. Corn, beans and different plant meals had been considered as “extras”. (7)

Mmmm. So evidently the Nicoyan weight loss plan isn’t in any respect plant-based. Instead, the plant meals spherical out a weight loss plan excessive in nutrient-dense animal meals.

Ikaria Greece

The Greek island of Ikaria is claimed as one other Blue Zone of tremendous longevity. The Ikarian “Mediterranean” weight loss plan is described by Buettner as:

…wealthy in olive oil and greens, low in dairy (besides goat’s milk) and meat merchandise, and in addition included reasonable quantities of alcohol. It emphasised homegrown potatoes, beans (garbanzo, black-eyed peas and lentils), wild greens and domestically produced goat milk and honey.

In different phrases, Buettner claims Ikarians have a low consumption of saturated fat from meat and dairy, with vegetation forming the central position in caloric consumption.

But, is that this actually true?

Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Buettner was not precisely portraying the Ikarian weight loss plan in any respect. One idea is that he was fed inaccurate data by the locals to advertise desperately wanted tourism to the island, which has skilled a drastic drop of virtually 70% of its inhabitants because the early 20th century. (8)

That signifies that the roughly one-third of the residents of Ikaria that has reached 90 years of age isn’t really very vital in any respect. That’s solely 2-3% of the technology that was raised there! We don’t know in regards to the longevity of the opposite two-thirds that moved away someday throughout their lifetime.

Incidentally, that proportion is considerably worse than the 4.7% of the inhabitants of the United States that presently reaches age 90! In 1980, solely 2.8% of Americans reached that age. Thus, the obvious super-longevity of Ikarians isn’t so exceptional. In truth, it’s downright common for the late 1900s and under common for industrialized nations at this time. (9)

Loma Linda California (Seventh-Day Adventists)

There’s one Blue Zone left to look at, a spiritual sect in Loma Linda, California. This group encourages vegetarianism, though some Adventists do eat meat.

So far, Buettner is 0-Four in establishing that tremendous longevity is because of a primarily plant-based weight loss plan low in saturated fats with small quantities of lean meat.

Unfortunately, Buettner doesn’t do significantly better in offering a whole image of the Loma Linda Adventists.

He does point out that the vegans (4%) within the group are about thirty kilos lighter than the omnivores. Lighter doesn’t essentially imply more healthy, nonetheless, and because the group as a complete doesn’t have an issue with weight, 30 kilos might positively imply too skinny.

According to Sally Fallon Morell, the California Adventists dwelling within the 1960s and 1970s had been large advocates of uncooked dairy. This group, in truth, was accountable for getting uncooked milk legalized within the state at the moment. (10)

Hence, the very aged of that group probably grew up ingesting uncooked dairy. Children that drink uncooked dairy are identified to be extra sturdy than kids who don’t.

Is the group nonetheless consuming uncooked dairy? Buettner doesn’t say. That’s too dangerous as a result of it is a large omission!

Digging into what few particulars are supplied, the Adventists apparently have the perfect longevity within the United States based mostly on two prolonged research.

Buettner claims that the reason being as a result of they eat a whole lot of nuts, keep away from meat and drink plenty of water. He goes as far as to assert that this fashion of consuming will get you about two years additional of life.

The bother is that the research on vegetarians dwelling longer are extremely contradictory.

For instance, an enormous British research in 2016 of 60,310 folks involving 18,431 common meat-eaters, 13,039 less-frequent meat eaters, 8516 fish solely eaters, and 20,324 vegetarians, discovered NO DIFFERENCE in all-cause mortality. (11)

Another research that analyzed longevity information for Adventists discovered that whole mortality charges decreased the extra cheese, meat, milk, eggs that had been consumed!  (12)

Buettner claims that Adventists that eat meat have a 65% increased fee of colon most cancers. But, this straight contradicts a research revealed within the peer-reviewed American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which discovered that vegetarians have increased charges of colon most cancers. (13)

It appears that the additional years of life for the Loma Linda Adventists could be because of their clear dwelling life-style which excludes tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and junk meals, not that the group has an above-average variety of vegetarians.

Given Buettner’s observe document of distorting the true diets of Blue Zone folks towards plant-based when animal meals clearly performed a main position, this appears extremely probably.

Blue Zones: Plant-Based Baloney

Looking behind the covers, it turns into startlingly clear that the longevity of these dwelling in Blue Zones shouldn’t be because of a low saturated fats, plant-based weight loss plan that features small quantities of lean meat. One of the instances (Ikaria Greece), doesn’t look like a hotspot for tremendous longevity in any respect when you crunch the demographic numbers.

Final Score:  0-5 for Team Blue Zone.

It appears that “Blue Zones” is one more of the handfuls of well being books that twist partial truths into wellness gospel. Why? While one can not say for certain, it seems that kissing as much as the plant-based globalist agenda ensures good media protection which ups the chances significantly for a excessive income finest vendor.

In actuality, the diets of the inhabitants of the Blue Zones recognized by Buettner include beneficiant quantities of animal meals and animal fat, particularly lard from pigs. Plant meals aren’t the central or most necessary staple meals. These cultures eat organ meats (probably the most nutrient-dense meals on the planet) and their dairy is uncooked.

In the case of Loma Linda, the additional years of life in contrast with the remainder of Californians seems primarily because of a wholesome life-style that avoids processed meals and stimulants, not a vegetarian weight loss plan.

Move alongside omnivores. There’s nothing to see right here (in Blue Zones).


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