Guide to the Carnivore Diet: Risks, Benefits, Food List, and Keto Meal Plan

Guide to the Carnivore Diet: Risks, Benefits, Food List, and Keto Meal Plan

In stark distinction to veganism, the carnivore weight-reduction plan consists of completely animal merchandise, primarily meat. Though this goes towards the widespread consensus that complete plant meals are wholesome, many have skilled miraculous outcomes after going 100% carnivore.

Unfortunately, these success tales are sometimes adopted by an awesome quantity of deceptive data relating to the advantages and dangers of eliminating crops from the weight-reduction plan.

To assist us uncover the reality behind the carnivorism and what this implies for you, let’s check out it from the next views:

What is the Carnivore Diet?

What is the Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore weight-reduction plan includes consuming solely animal merchandise. This means eliminating all crops and consuming largely meat, water, and salt.

Many proponents of carnivorism additionally suggest limiting dairy consumption as a lot as doable. Only meals which might be low in lactose (milk sugar) equivalent to butter and laborious cheeses are permitted in small quantities.

This restrictive consuming method has been claimed to assist induce speedy fats loss, cut back irritation, reverse sure autoimmune situations, heal persistent digestive points, construct muscle, and enhance testosterone ranges.

The Hypothesis Behind The Carnivorous Claims

The Hypothesis Behind The Carnivorous Claims

Carnivore advocates are likely to assist their claims with a easy speculation: Plants should not optimum for human well being as a result of they comprise compounds designed to hurt animals.

Nuts and seeds, for instance, are usually probably the most closely defended plant meals. They comprise compounds that may provoke nutrient deficiencies and immune reactions.

Meat, however, doesn’t comprise these doubtlessly “poisonous” compounds. Instead, you get extremely bioavailable micronutrients, wholesome fat, and full proteins with out extra carbs.

Equipped with this data, it might appear apparent that we must always prohibit plant meals. By doing so, nonetheless, we must ignore the preponderance of proof supporting the well being advantages of complete plant meals, together with these which might be heavily-defended.

Though a small group of individuals with particular autoimmune situations or plant-triggered digestive points might thrive on a carnivore weight-reduction plan, this doesn’t imply that it’s the very best method for everybody. As with each different weight-reduction plan, there are a number of shades of gray we should contemplate so you could find the optimum method for you.

Let’s take a better take a look at the nuances behind carnivorism by uncovering the potential advantages, outcomes, and dangers of going plant-free.

The Science-backed Benefits of Following a Carnivore Diet

The Science-backed Benefits of Following a Carnivore Diet

Since the carnivore weight-reduction plan has just lately grow to be a well-liked development, there is no such thing as a high-quality analysis on all-meat or 100% animal-based diets. We can, nonetheless, use the present literature on different diets and consuming habits to higher perceive why going 100% carnivorous has gotten such glowing opinions:

●     It promotes fats loss and muscle preservation.

No crops and extra meat additionally means extra protein and fewer carbs. This mixture of carb restriction and better protein consumption may help preserve starvation underneath management.

Along with that, consuming extra animal protein with every meal will stimulate muscle protein synthesis which helps construct muscle and forestall muscle loss.

In different phrases, following a carnivore weight-reduction plan may help us obtain a extra sculpted physique by selling fats loss and muscle upkeep.

●      It may help cut back irritation and enhance autophagy.

Calorie and carb restriction may help cut back irritation ranges and promote autophagy (the pure strategy of cell restore and harm cleanup). This can have a big impression on somebody’s general wellbeing in the event that they battle with persistent irritation and weight reduction.

Keep in thoughts, nonetheless, that consuming excessive quantities of protein a number of instances all through the day can stop autophagy. Without incorporating intermittent fasting together with your carnivore weight-reduction plan, you could not expertise these results to the fullest.

●     It has the potential to scale back autoimmune-related signs.

Adopting a meat-only carnivore method eliminates most meals allergens and sensitivities. This may help the physique get well from persistent immune responses which might be triggered by plant meals.

Mikhaila Peterson is a well known advocate for this potential profit.  After affected by persistent melancholy and rheumatoid arthritis for many of her life, she adopted an all-meat weight-reduction plan which helped clear up her debilitating signs.

●     It could also be useful for digestive points provoked by sure plant meals.

The Carnivore weight-reduction plan consists of simply digestible meals with minimal residue left behind.  This sort of low-residue weight-reduction plan might be useful for signs of inflammatory bowel illness and irritable bowel syndrome which might be provoked by plant fibers and different compounds.

Meat is made primarily of protein and fats, that are absorbed within the small gut, leaving little residue leftover to annoy or inflame the intestine. This can provide the intestine an opportunity to get well and rebuild.

The long-term results of an all-meat weight-reduction plan on intestine well being and the microbiome, nonetheless, should not identified.

●     The carnivore weight-reduction plan sometimes promotes ketosis.

The carnivore weight-reduction plan is prone to induce dietary ketosis for most individuals. That being mentioned, it’s doable to forestall excessive ranges of ketone manufacturing by consuming an excessive amount of protein.

Since ketosis comes with a bunch of distinctive advantages that stretch past what a carnivore weight-reduction plan can present, we suggest following a keto-friendly method if you’re seeking to give carnivorism a attempt. (We’ll discover ways to implement a keto carnivore weight-reduction plan after contemplating the potential dangers.)

The Other Side of the Story: Risk and Concerns

The Other Side of the Story: Risk and Concerns

Due to its extremely restrictive nature, there are various downsides to the carnivore weight-reduction plan. Though the potential for profound outcomes might encourage hope, we should contemplate the advantages in mild of the remainder of the analysis literature.

By doing so, many dangers emerge that shouldn’t be taken evenly:

●     Increased threat of coronary heart illness for some.

Given that the carnivore weight-reduction plan consists solely of animal meals, it tends to be larger in saturated fats. Saturated fats can increase LDL particle rely (in addition to total-to-HDL ldl cholesterol ratio), which considerably will increase the chance of coronary heart illness.

Since there may be a number of misinformation surrounding how weight-reduction plan impacts coronary heart illness threat, we’ve included a hyperlink to our complete article on the subject: The Ketogenic Diet and Heart Disease.

●     May contribute to nutrient deficiencies.

While meat is nutritious and gives a various array of micronutrients, it doesn’t nourish our wants for each vitamin and mineral.

On a meat-only weight-reduction plan, these 4 vitamins might be significantly troublesome to acquire in excessive portions:

  • Calcium — A mineral required for bone, muscle, and nerve well being.
  • Vitamin C — An antioxidant that enhances immune cell operate and is essential for collagen synthesis. Without consuming sufficient quantities, we are able to develop scurvy and it’s disagreeable signs (i.e., weak point, fatigue, gum illness, pores and skin issues, and joint ache).
  • Vitamin E — An antioxidant that helps defend LDL particles from oxidizing and contributing to atherosclerosis.
  • Vitamin K2 — A fat-soluble vitamin helps cut back the calcification of blood vessels.

However, this listing assumes that you’re consuming organ meats and fatty fish. If you aren’t consuming organ meats (liver particularly) and seafood, we should add 4 extra micronutrients to listing:

  • Vitamin A — essential for eye well being, pores and skin well being, and correct immune system operate.
  • Folate — A B vitamin that performs a key function in cell development, metabolism, and methylation.
  • Manganese — A hint mineral that’s important for detoxing.
  • Magnesium — Supports greater than 300 biochemical reactions, involving power manufacturing, DNA restore, and muscle contraction.

That being mentioned, it’s doable to comply with the weight-reduction plan for a number of years with none clear indicators of nutrient deficiencies. Since nutrient necessities range for every individual, it’s best to observe your weight-reduction plan and well being for nutrient deficiencies and their particular signs.

●     Does not present fiber.

Fiber is a non-digestible carb that promotes intestine well being, feeds our microbiome, and promotes wholesome bowel actions. Since fiber solely exists in plant meals, the carnivore weight-reduction plan won’t include its advantages.

This might also provoke digestive points as nicely, together with constipation, diarrhea, and an elevated threat of colon most cancers for some. Though there’s a lack of analysis on how an all-meat weight-reduction plan impacts intestine well being, the present proof means that it’s more healthy to have fiber in our diets.

That being mentioned, I’ve come throughout anecdotal stories that counsel some individuals might profit from slicing out fiber (and the compounds that accompany it) for a brief time period. This would possibly alter the microbiome, intestine, and immune system positively for these with sure intestine situations.

●     Lacks health-promoting phytonutrients.

Advocates of the carnivore weight-reduction plan sometimes argue that phytonutrients (which incorporates the plant-defense compounds we realized about earlier) are unhealthy whatever the dose.

This assertion, nonetheless, goes towards the in depth literature on phytonutrients. In normal, they’ve been discovered to scale back irritation, improve immunity, promote DNA restore, detoxify potential carcinogens, and cut back the chance of coronary heart illness.

Though sure phytonutrients is likely to be poisonous in excessive doses, the present analysis means that the dose we get from complete plant meals is helpful for most individuals.

●     May have a big impression on hormone ranges.

Though there isn’t any long-term information on how an all-meat weight-reduction plan impacts hormone ranges, it’s prone to impression thyroid operate and fertility.

The mixture of carbohydrate and calorie restriction, which generally happens with carnivorism, can cut back T3 ranges and enhance reverse T3. This signifies suboptimal thyroid operate and should set off signs like fatigue and mind fog.

With regards to fertility, the carnivore might be useful or dangerous relying on the individual. On one finish of the spectrum, an all-meat weight-reduction plan has the potential to advertise fertility in girls with PCOS (in line with the analysis on the keto weight-reduction plan and PCOS)  or extreme autoimmune situations (in line with Mikhaila Peterson’s success story).

On the opposite hand, Shawn Baker — one of the crucial well-known carnivore advocates — ended up with low testosterone ranges after following the weight-reduction plan, which might not be very best for well being and fertility.

As you’ll be able to see, we don’t have a lot information to work with on this matter, a lot extra analysis is required.

●     Increased publicity to dangerous compounds from high-heat cooking.

Meat cooked at excessive temperatures, significantly above 300 ºF (as in grilling or pan-frying), tends to comprise extra heterocyclic amines (HCAs). HCAs are mutagenic compounds that will enhance the chance of most cancers.

In different phrases, the quintessential carnivore meal, grilled steak, will include excessive concentrations of doubtless poisonous compounds.

Along with HCAs, you might be prone to discover one other mutagenic compound, often known as polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons (PAHs), sticking to the floor of the steak as nicely. This is as a result of PAHs are created throughout the strategy of grilling or smoking meat.

Fortunately, there are two protected and simple methods to scale back your consumption of those toxins: (1) cook dinner your meat low and sluggish (under 300 ºF) or (2) use a marinade that consists of herbs and spices.

Ideally, for the healthiest meat dish, you’ll cook dinner it low and sluggish with herbs and spices. Consider utilizing rosemary and/or thyme in your marinades, broths, and sauces as these herbs have been discovered to lower the formation of HCAs probably the most.

●     May not be fitted to sure populations.

There are a number of teams of people that might solely be harmed by following the carnivore weight-reduction plan. This consists of:

  • People who’ve persistent kidney illness
  • People who’ve familial hypercholesterolemia
  • Anyone with explicit nutrient necessities which might be troublesome to satisfy with out plant meals (i.e., kids and pregnant or lactating girls)

What Are the Results of the Carnivore Diet? A Look on the Before and After

What Are the Results of the Carnivore Diet? A Look at the Before and After

If you had been to transform from a typical American weight-reduction plan to a 100% carnivorous method for 2-Three months, the outcomes could be just like what you’d expertise with the keto weight-reduction plan. At first, you’ll undergo an adaptation interval that will trigger flu-like signs.

The quantity on the dimensions will go down quickly as you shed off water weight. If the dietary shift naturally causes you to eat much less meals than earlier than, then you’ll begin dropping fats as nicely. (The quantity of fats misplaced will rely on the individual.)

On most diets, some muscle is misplaced together with the fats. However, for the reason that carnivore weight-reduction plan is often larger in protein, a better share of physique fats might be misplaced. This may help us obtain a extra sculpted physique.

Chronic irritation, autoimmune-related signs, and digestive points might also lower considerably as nicely. This is the place the variations between a blended keto weight-reduction plan and a carnivore weight-reduction plan can shine by way of for anybody who feels worse after consuming plant meals.

Keep in thoughts, nonetheless, that the long-term results of a 100% animal-based weight-reduction plan should not but identified. Given the truth that you received’t be getting fiber and could also be poor in key nutritional vitamins and minerals, this weight-reduction plan might solely be possible for a short-term trial of some months.

The solely information we’ve to depend on for the long-term well being impression of this weight-reduction plan is from the favored carnivore proponent, Shawn Baker.

In a podcast interview with Robb Wolf, he shared his take a look at outcomes after changing to carnivore from a blended ketogenic weight-reduction plan.

After one yr with out crops, that is what his numbers seemed like:

  • His total-to-HDL ldl cholesterol ratio was 4.7, which signifies an elevated coronary heart illness threat.
  • His fasting glucose stage was 127. A wholesome fasting blood glucose stage is mostly lower than 100, and the American Diabetes Association considers something 126 or over to be an indication of sort 2 diabetes.
  • His complete testosterone was 237, which is low sufficient to medically classify him as having “low testosterone.”

Simply put, his outcomes point out a worsening of goal well being throughout the board. Though he might really feel good subjectively, the best weight-reduction plan for him could be one which improves each his well-being and goal well being markers on the identical time.

The identical applies to us as nicely. This why is it essential to pay attention to the potential downsides and dangers of following such a restrictive weight-reduction plan earlier than giving it a attempt.

What This Means for You: Should You Go Carnivore?

What This Means for You: Should You Go Carnivore?

As with any main weight-reduction plan change, it’s essential to seek the advice of together with your healthcare practitioner and monitor your well being all through the method.

The most secure method could be to make use of the carnivore weight-reduction plan as a part of a short-term remedy protocol for a selected situation as an alternative of a long-term life-style.

At this level, there are solely two situations that will profit most from a short-term trial with this weight-reduction plan:

  • Autoimmune situations which might be aggravated by quite a lot of plant meals
  • Chronic intestine points which might be relieved after decreasing plant consumption

In these instances, a nutrient-dense carnivore weight-reduction plan has the potential to lower symptom flare-ups and promote restoration. A healthcare practitioner would then information the affected person by way of an incremental reintroduction of plant meals with the top aim of making a much less restrictive weight-reduction plan that doesn’t set off signs.

As an instance, a carnivore weight-reduction plan could also be applied for 1-Three months adopted by a sluggish transition right into a Mediterranean-style keto weight-reduction plan that options low-carb greens, wholesome fat, and high-quality meats & fish.

Ideally, the carnivore weight-reduction plan might be composed of nutrient-dense animal meals like organ meats and well-tolerated seafood somewhat than the meat, salt, and water method adopted by Mikhaila Peterson. To offer you a greater concept of what this may appear to be, let’s take a deeper dive into the world of carnivorism.

The Different Types of Carnivore Diets: Land to Sea and Everything in Between

As with the keto weight-reduction plan, there are various variations of carnivorism. Mikhalia Peterson popularized a strict model of carnivore weight-reduction plan that solely consists of meat (particularly ruminant meat), water, and salt. Her and her father, Jordan Peterson, attribute this weight-reduction plan as the reason for their miraculous psychological and bodily well being transformations.

In distinction, Shawn Baker recommends a weight-reduction plan that includes a greater variety of animal meals in addition to some herbs. Though he authored “The Carnivore Diet,” this might not be the optimum method to carnivorism.

The most promising tackle the weight-reduction plan is Dr. Paul Saladino’s tier-based mannequin. He recommends a variety of high-quality animal-based meals, emphasizing the significance of organ meats and nutrient-dense seafood.

Though that is probably the most nuanced of the carnivore weight-reduction plan plans, it does mitigate a number of the dangers whereas bolstering its advantages.

The Carnivore Diet Food List: What’s on the Menu?

The Carnivore Diet Food List: What’s on the Menu?

In normal, these meals might be on the carnivore menu*:

  • Meat — beef, hen, turkey, lamb, pork, and many others.
  • Fish — salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, and many others.
  • Shellfish — oysters, scallops, clams, shrimp, crab, lobster, and many others.
  • Other animal merchandise — eggs, lard, bone marrow, bone broth, and many others.
  • Organ meats — suets, liver, kidney, coronary heart, and many others.
  • Water — unflavored, glowing or nonetheless

*Opt for 100% pasture-raised or wild-caught animal merchandise each time doable for a more healthy variation of the carnivore weight-reduction plan.

Processed meats like bacon, sausage, and beef jerky are additionally allowed, however not beneficial in excessive portions.

These meals could also be included in small quantities:

  • Low-lactose dairy — heavy cream, laborious cheese, butter, and many others.
  • Processed or smoked meats — bacon, sausage, beef jerky, and many others.
  • Seasonings — salt, pepper, and seasonings with no carbs are allowed in some instances.
  • “Low-toxin” crops — in line with Dr. Saladino, this consists of olives, avocado, lettuce, cucumbers (with out the pores and skin and seeds), and numerous squashes.

Foods which might be sometimes averted on the carnivore weight-reduction plan embody*:

  • Vegetables — broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, inexperienced beans, peppers, and many others.
  • Fruits — apples, berries, bananas, kiwi, oranges, and many others.
  • High-lactose dairy — milk, yogurt, mushy cheese, and many others.
  • Legumes — beans, lentils, chickpeas, and many others.
  • Nuts and seeds — almonds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, and many others.
  • Grains — rice, wheat, quinoa, and many others.
  • Alcohol — beer, wine, liquor, and many others.
  • Added sugars — desk sugar, maple syrup, honey, evaporated cane syrup, and many others.
  • Beverages apart from water — soda, espresso, tea, fruit juice, and many others.

When & How Much Should You Eat for Best Results?

When & How Much Should You Eat for Best Results?

Most proponents of the weight-reduction plan counsel consuming as typically as you want. Many carnivore dieters incorporate a type of intermittent fasting the place they solely eat one or two meals a day.

How a lot you eat and while you eat is determined by what’s sustainable for you. Since this weight-reduction plan can suppress your urge for food in some ways, you’ll naturally eat fewer energy. This can result in a big quantity of fats loss with out having to trace carbs and energy.

That being mentioned, it’s doable to eat a lot meat and animal fats that you just achieve fats and forestall your self from entering into ketosis. To show you how to fine-tune your weight-reduction plan and enhance your possibilities of success, let’s check out a pattern keto carnivore meal plan together with some suggestions and techniques on the best way to customise it in your wants.

A Transitional Keto Carnivore Diet Meal Plan With Recipes (>80% Carnivore)

A Transitional Keto Carnivore Diet Meal Plan With Recipes (>80% Carnivore)

With this pattern meal plan, I’ll offer you a number of choices which you could tailor to your life-style, preferences, and nutrient wants. The serving measurement will range relying in your starvation ranges and physique composition objectives. To show you how to personalize your serving sizes for finest outcomes, use our keto calculator.

Breakfast (select one of many following):

  1. 3-Four scrambled eggs with half an avocado and sea salt
  2. 1-2 cups of Ketoproof Coffee
  3. Continue to quick till lunch (Feel free to drink water, black espresso, and unsweetened tea as a lot as you need throughout this time.)

Lunch (select one of many following):

  1. A cup of Ketoproof Coffee (for individuals who want to have one meal per day)
  2. 1 serving of Lemon & Rosemary Roasted Chicken Thighs
  3. 1-2 servings of Egg Salad Stuffed Avocado

Dinner (select one of many following):

  1. A Perfect Ribeye Steak with a facet of romaine lettuce, cucumbers, olives, and additional virgin olive oil dressing.
  2. Seared Skirt Steak with Cilantro Paste
  3. Salmon with Tarragon Dill Cream Sauce

A Simple 100% Keto Carnivore Meal Plan With Recipes

A Simple 100% Keto Carnivore Meal Plan With Recipes

Once once more, I’ll offer you a number of choices for every meal. To make sure that the meal plan is keto-friendly for you, preserve your protein consumption inside the ranges beneficial within the following part.

Breakfast (select one of many following):

  1. Four ozstriploin steak and 2-Three eggs cooked in tallow, ghee, or bacon fats*
  2. Bacon and Eggs (ready with none plant meals)*
  3. Continue to quick till lunch. (drink water with sea salt throughout this time — no espresso or tea allowed.)

Lunch (select one of many following):

  1. 1 serving of Reverse Seared Ribeye Steak*
  2. 6-8oz lamb burgers cooked in tallow, ghee, or bacon fats*
  3. Bacon and Eggs (ready with none plant meals)*

Dinner (select one of many following):

  1. 1 serving of Reverse Seared Ribeye Steak*
  2. 1-2 servings of Slow-cooked Lamb Leg (ready with none plant meals)*
  3. 6-8oz of Chinook (King) Salmon cooked in tallow or bacon fats*

*Supplement your meal with a number of ounces of organ meats (particularly liver), oysters, and/or wild-caught complete sardines for a more healthy carnivore weight-reduction plan.

Carnivore vs. The Keto Diet: Is the Carnivore Diet Keto?

Any weight-reduction plan that promotes sustained ketosis is technically a ketogenic weight-reduction plan. You can do that by consuming all plant meals (i.e., with a vegan ketogenic weight-reduction plan), a mixture of wholesome animal and plant meals (i.e., with a Mediterranean keto weight-reduction plan), or with 100% meat weight-reduction plan (i.e., a keto carnivore weight-reduction plan).

As lengthy as you prohibit carbs low sufficient and eat the correct quantity of fats and protein to maintain ketosis, your weight-reduction plan is technically a keto weight-reduction plan.

The carnivore weight-reduction plan, particularly, primarily consists of meals with nearly zero carbs, which is able to prohibit carb consumption decrease than a blended keto weight-reduction plan. Though this will put you on the quick observe to ketosis, strict carnivorism is just not the golden ticket to a keto life-style. It is essential that you just monitor your protein consumption as nicely.

Optimizing Your Carnivore Diet for Ketosis: Protein Intake Essentials

Optimizing Your Carnivore Diet for Ketosis: Protein Intake Essentials

Without consuming the suitable stability of protein and fat, you could preserve your self from ketosis in case your protein consumption is excessive sufficient to extend insulin ranges and suppress ketogenesis. The proper technique, nonetheless, is to not prohibit protein.

By limiting protein consumption, urge for food ranges and cravings have a tendency to extend whereas valuable muscle mass is damaged down and repurposed. Over time, the underconsumption of protein can promote a thin fats physique composition by inflicting us to shed extra pounds from all of the unsuitable locations.

The optimum technique for protein consumption is to eat the correct quantity based mostly in your exercise ranges and physique composition objectives. You can discover out what this implies for you by utilizing our keto calculator.

In normal, most keto dieters can have no concern sustaining ketosis after they comply with these tips:

  • If you might be sedentary — eat 0.6 – 0.8g of protein per pound of lean physique mass.
  • If you might be recurrently energetic — have 0.8 – 1.0g of protein per pound of lean physique mass.
  • If you carry weights — eat 1.0 – 1.2g of protein per pound of lean physique mass.

Since carnivore dieters sometimes eat fewer carbs and energy, you could possibly eat barely extra protein than the highest finish of the above ranges with out suppressing ketosis.

That being mentioned, the impact of protein consumption on ketosis varies considerably from individual to individual. If you’d prefer to be taught extra in regards to the relationship between protein & keto and the way this is applicable to you, take a look at our information to protein consumption and ketosis.

Key Takeaways: The Carnivore Diet & You

Given the extremely restrictive nature of the carnivore weight-reduction plan, this method comes with a large potential for dangers and advantages, relying on who adopts the weight-reduction plan.

According to the earlier than & after anecdotes, the carnivore weight-reduction plan may help these with sure autoimmune situations and digestive points which might be provoked by plant meals. It additionally has the potential to suppress urge for food, promote important quantities of fats loss, and protect extra muscle mass than different widespread diets.

However, the analysis literature on different dietary patterns signifies {that a} carnivore weight-reduction plan comes with a number of dangers as nicely. Among the potential harms are an elevated threat of coronary heart illness, most cancers (with meat cooked at excessive temperatures), nutrient deficiencies, intestine points, and hormonal dysregulation.

If you determine to experiment with carnivorism, it’s essential that you just seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner and monitor your well being and well-being all through the method. After 1-2 months of following your new method, you’ll have a good suggestion of whether or not or not the weight-reduction plan is best for you.

To show you how to formulate the optimum plan in your well being and fats loss objectives, we’ve included a number of assets that may show you how to get the outcomes you need:

P.S. Have a take a look at the Keto Academy, our foolproof 30-day keto meal plan. It has all of the instruments, data, and recipes wanted so that you can succeed.

+ The meals has been examined and optimized so you’ll be able to shed extra pounds and begin feeling nice!

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