3 Steps to Distinguish Between a Panic Attack and Coronavirus, Part 1 of two

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panic and calm photoIt is pure to really feel nervousness and stress throughout this coronavirus disaster. Elevated ranges of stress straight have an effect on respiration, nonetheless. Apart from the seriousness of the matter and heart-wrenching experiences, watching the information, underneath the circumstances, could also be a hazard to your sense of wellbeing and well being, psychological and bodily.

(Keep in thoughts, information shops are a enterprise that competes for viewers, and worry sells; in the meantime, some officers use fear-messaging of their management model. More on defending your effectively being and reducing nervousness in Part 2.)

Anxiety problems, and panic assaults specifically, can mimic coronavirus signs, similar to shortness of breath. The similarities might also elevate fears for these both beforehand recognized with nervousness, or experiencing elevated states of tension for the primary time.

If you will have labored your self up and really feel confused concerning the virus, overthinking what-ifs concerning the future, it’s more likely to take your nervousness to new heights and have an effect on your psychological well being. Anxious ideas, nonetheless, have the ability to unnecessarily activate your physique’s survival system.

The reality stays, the human physique predictably reacts to anxious ideas by elevating cortisol ranges, and different stress hormones, within the blooding stream. The function is to ship a “risk alert” to each system of the physique, to incorporate your creativeness, which can run wild. As all individuals which have skilled a panic assault know, the sensation of dying feels actual. The logical pondering a part of the mind, the frontal cortex, is offline every time the survival system is activated.

Elevating fears over a chronic interval can have a detrimental affect not solely in your emotional and psychological well being, and the power to assume clearly, it could possibly straight affect the immune system, the well being of which is completely very important to you at the moment, your bodily well being’s finest protection.

This publish addresses two questions: One, what’s the distinction between a panic assault and acute respiratory syndrome, a situation linked to coronavirus? For your safety and others, the very last thing you’d need, in occasion an nervousness assault happens, is to hurry to the hospital in panic, believing you’ve contracted the virus.

And, query two, when nervousness makes everyday life really feel uncomfortable or overwhelming, or you will have a first-time panic assault, what are steps you’ll be able to take to floor your self within the current, restore your individual respiration and sense of relative calm, so you might higher deal with your response to any stressors, and disallow them from taking on and making you’re feeling they’re bigger than life? (They’re not! You’re not ideas or emotions; you’re the miracle-making captain in command. Thanks to neuroscience, we have now a handbook! Tips and extra in Part 2.)

On the distinctions between coronavirus and a panic assault, a key distinction from the get go, in psychological phrases, is that, whereas the previous poses a potential precise risk (i.e., for these with pre-existing immune problems or medical diseases, similar to coronary heart, diabetes, most cancers, and many others.), the latter will not be an precise risk to your life, although it completely looks like an actual risk within the period of a panic assault.

Now, a couple of different variations to make clear. Follow the three steps beneath: Pause, Breathe, Think.


Your physique’s stress response is designed that will help you survive. The unconscious thoughts that directs its operation, nonetheless, does no unique pondering of its personal. It is determined by you to critically assume, make clear what the issue is, then give you options. Unless you understand how to carry quick to the reins, to disallow your unconscious thoughts from unnecessarily activating your survival system, it could possibly as a substitute shortly take over your creativeness, come to misguided and false conclusions, make your coronary heart race and respiration troublesome, and presumably result in determined actions.

To stop this from occurring, step one is to pause and turn into conscious of your ideas. This is the place you will have leverage, as your ideas straight activate your feelings and emotions, and from there, these neurotransmitters actually activate what behaviors you are taking or keep away from.

It is a neuroscience proven fact that, when your physique’s autonomic nervous system is in “studying mode” (parasympathetic division), you will have the choice to thoughtfully reply to a stressor, whereas you don’t in “survival or protection mode” (sympathetic division). In worry mode, your physique robotically switches off your frontal cortex, keep in mind?

In protection mode, pre-programmed fear-based ideas, locked within the reminiscence cells of your physique, are answerable for you, actually. Some of those ideas could date again to while you had been 5 years previous. Yet, they nonetheless activate the discharge of cortisol into your physique. If you generally tend to catastrophize (scare your self with worst case situations), for instance, and your survival mode takes over, this reactivity can take away your means to thoughtfully select, which additional elevates your worry.

To stop this from occurring, pause and turn into conscious of what you’re telling your self. In itself, this intention to assume reengages your frontal cortex. With the “pondering or studying mode” re-engaged, you’ll be able to start to assume once more, and critically consider the scenario, for instance, whether or not or not what you had been telling your self is true, — or useful to your well being and happinness. You could discover your respiration begins to chill out.


Now, flip your focus to your respiration. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the three main signs of coronavirus signs embrace: fever, dry cough and issue respiration. (Other signs are aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nostril, sore throat, or diarrhea.)

The first distinction between nervousness and coronavirus, with regard to shortness of breath, is clarified by asking:

Is the shortness of breath over a chronic interval?

In an nervousness assault, shortness of breath tends to final solely 20 to 30 minutes, with the height of issue being round 10 minutes. Also sure remedial actions, within the case of panic, can instantly appropriate the shortness of breath (which is because of hyperventilation), similar to initiating deep respiration workout routines that oxygenate the physique, doing a little cardio train, consuming plentiful water, even perhaps consuming a lightweight however extremely nutritious meals, and so forth. One or all of those actions collectively will help to decrease nervousness, maybe finish a panic assault on a dime.

In distinction, with COVID-19, there’s a extended interval of shortness of breath alongside flu-like signs. The subsequent step is to probe additional, interact your pondering.


When you unnecessarily scare your self with the ideas you assume, your respiration robotically turns into brief, your coronary heart begins pulsing, your pondering goes into offline mode, and the kind of pondering that is still is proscribed to either-or choices, similar to battle or flee, sink or swim, and many others.

To activate your frontal cortex, as a couple of probing questions on recognized signs, similar to the next set:

Do you will have a fever? If not, it might simply be nervousness. 

Are you sneezing, coughing? If not, it might simply be nervousness.

Do you will have runny nostril or congestion? If not, it might simply be nervousness. 

When you set an intention to consider what’s going on in and round you, you interact at least your mind’s strongest capacities, solution-focused and chance pondering.

You are hardwired to really feel protected and safe in your means to make efficient selections that lead to realizing and residing your finest life. This is important as a result of the identical hormone that creates a way of feeling loving and beloved, oxytocin, additionally creates a way of feeling protected and safe.

So how necessary is it, on a scale from 1 o 100, that you just be taught to self-activate your physique’s rest response? One hundred!!  Just studying a couple of good deep respiration methods, taking on meditation and yoga, common train, and so forth, helps you to common your feelings.

Einstein put it this fashion, “The most necessary choice we make is whether or not we imagine we dwell in a pleasant or hostile universe.” A favourite president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, emphasised the next in his first inaugural handle:

“The solely factor we have now to worry is worry itself.” ~ FDR

So, do what it takes to by no means unnecessarily scare your self; and disallow others from manipulating your fears, as you keep knowledgeable. Last however not least, if you happen to or somebody you care about, really feel overwhelmed in dealing with nervousness, take into account seeing an expert quickly; it could possibly actually assist! And most provide on-line periods and teletherapy at the moment.

In Part 2, tricks to decrease nervousness and increase your emotional well being.

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