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How Serhad Used Bigger Leaner Stronger to Gain 17 Pounds of Muscle and Lose 3% Body Fat

How Serhad Used Bigger Leaner Stronger to Gain 17 Pounds of Muscle and Lose 3% Body Fat

How many months’ progress do your photos symbolize? What had been your stats for every image?

Pictures present the transformation from September 2013 as much as May 2018 (5 years). The numbers marked right here match the numbering I used within the subsequent questions.

1. 150lbs – 10-11% Body Fat
2. 128-130lbs – 6-7% Body Fat
3. 157lbs – 9-10% Body Fat
4. 166lbs – 7-8% Body Fat
5. 171lbs – 10% Body Fat
6. 166.6lbs – 8-9% Body Fat
7. 167.2 lbs – 8% Body Fat

What has occurred up to now on this system?

I began my health journey in 2013 with little to no data of diet and lifting. Obviously I failed. Not solely I misplaced muscle, however I used to be additionally feeling very low weak and had no vitality all through the day. In 2015 I learn Bigger Leaner Stronger and educated myself on correct lifting strategies and diet. As the photographs present, it labored nice and I used to be in a position so as to add about 20 lbs of muscle to my bulk in about 2 years.

As I gained extra expertise and bought nearer to my weightlifting objectives (1.75xBW Squats, 1.75xBW DL, 1.35xBench and 1xBW OH Press – as it’s in Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger) I converted to Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger in mid-2017. For about 6 months, I used to be on Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger as I made an incredible quantity of positive factors in power and measurement in addition to stayed leaned year-round.

I achieved my finest kind late 2017 early 2018, the place I weighed 166 lbs and stood at 7% Body fats. I then began bulking for Three months and added 14 lbs to my weight. I ended my bulk in April 2018 and switched to a reducing program (Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger once more) for six weeks. In May 2018 I stood at 167 lbs and 8-9% physique fats. (More particulars beneath) After 1 week of reverse weight-reduction plan, I’m at 167.2 lbs at 8% Body Fat.

My photos symbolize about 5 years and Four months of progress. (Three years Four months of Bigger Leaner StrongerBeyond Bigger Leaner Stronger) The 1st set of photographs are taken in late 2013, the place I had simply graduated High School. I used to be in several sorts of sports activities (soccer, basketball, monitor operating) however didn’t have a weightlifting expertise. I seemed first rate, skinny-athletic sort.

I fell within the ecto-m eso class and had a bit muscle definition. I ought to weigh round 150 lbs right here at about 11% physique fats.
The 2nd set of photographs are taken someday March-April 2015. After a few yr and a half of figuring out it sad with my outcomes and the way in which I seemed. I weighed about 128-130 lbs, most likely 6-7% physique fats.

As Mike skilled these points himself, I used to be spending at the very least 2 hours a day within the fitness center, grinding my method by way of excessive rep workout routines (within the 15-20 rep vary). A number of fancy supersets and drop units. I used to get my applications from bodybuilding.com. On high of my 2 hours/day routine I used to be additionally doing about 40-60minutes of Moderate Intensity Steady State Cardio (Treadmill).

I had a misunderstanding that feeling sore and beat down after figuring out is an efficient signal. I used to be additionally not consuming sufficient energy and had no data about correct diet and the significance of macro/micro- vitamins. I don’t have a quantity for my lifts however they had been pretty low.

The third set of photographs are taken in early 2017. After about 2 years following Mike’s Bigger Leaner Stronger Program. I weigh round 157 lbs at round 9% physique fats. I used to be skeptical at first, I couldn’t imagine that doing much less and consuming extra (extra of the great things) was going to work. I had no different choice than to strive it out, as a result of I used to be feeling very weak and beat down.

After a number of weeks into this system, I already felt my vitality ranges rise once more and power ranges are again up. (Squats 1RM: 305, DL 1RM: 365, Bench 1RM: 185, OH Press 1RM: 135) The 4th set of photographs are taken in January 2018. This can be about 2.5 years of Bigger Leaner Stronger and 6-7 months of Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger.

This might be the perfect I’ve ever checked out. (Not the strongest as a result of I nonetheless do Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger and am getting stronger 😉 ). I weigh 166 lbs and I’m at 7-8% physique fats. Very pleased with the progress I’ve made however nonetheless not glad since I clearly have lagging physique components, similar to my traps and shoulders.

This pushed me to contact MFL and join a private teaching program the place I may work with an authorized coach and goal these lagging muscle components to attain a extra proportional physique. However, attributable to a collar bone damage (skipping deload/relaxation weeks) I used to be unable to work in the direction of my objectives.

I used to be capable of work out my legs, arms, and again however chest and shoulders had been out of the equation. I used to be already fairly lean and didn’t need to get any leaner, thus I selected this time-frame so as to add a little bit of bulk to my physique so as to pace up restoration in addition to get stronger. After Three months, I gained about 14 lbs. I ended my bulk at 180 lbs and physique fats 12%.

In the primary week of April 2018, I made a decision to chop for six weeks until May 14 and lose as a lot weight because the time permits so I may begin my lean bulk with my MFL private coach Harry Barnes. (Squats 1RM: 355, DL 1RM: 415, Bench 1RM: 225, OH Press 1RM: 155)
The fifth set of photographs are taken Four weeks into my minimize on April 28, 2018. I weigh 171lbs and am at round 10% Body fats.

I misplaced 9lbs within the first Four weeks following the Beyond Bigger Leaner Strongerprotocol of lifting heavy 5 days per week with a further day of weak physique half coaching in addition to Four occasions HIIT Cardio on the recumbent bike for 30min classes. For your complete length of the minimize, I by no means felt low on vitality or craved any form of meals.

I feel it was primarily as a result of the minimize was quick and I used to be utilizing Phoenix. (Squats 1RM: 365, DL 1RM: 445, Bench 1RM: 245, OH Press 1RM: 165) The sixth set of photographs are taken on the final day of my minimize on May 13, 2018. I weigh 166.6 lbs and stand round excessive 8-9% physique fats. Leaner than earlier than however definitely not the perfect I could be (in comparison with my standing in January).

However, I’m stronger when it comes to lifts. These photographs clearly present that my shoulders and traps want a whole lot of further effort and my calves and obliques may use some extra work as nicely. This is strictly what we’re going to goal for the subsequent Eight weeks with Harry. I began a reverse-diet on May 14, 2018. I’ll replace Lifts as soon as I’m carried out with MFL Personal Coaching.

Finally, the seventh Set of photographs is taken 1 week after the top of my minimize on 5/20/2018 following a reverse weight loss program. I’m at 167.2 lbs at 8% BF. Feeling leaner and positively Stronger than how I felt on the finish of my minimize.

What exercise break up from the ebook did you employ?

During Bigger Leaner Stronger, I did 5-day break up + 1 day further (normally chest or legs) simply because I appreciated going to the fitness center. During Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger, I did 5-day break up + 1-day goal weak muscle teams (calves and shoulders). Currently with MFL Personal Coaching, 5-day break up + 1-day goal weak physique components (shoulders, traps, and calves).

What, if something, nearly stored you from shopping for the ebook or beginning this system?

To be sincere nothing. I used to be on the lookout for a remedy to my excessive and silly exercise routines that destroyed my physique as a substitute of constructing it. I feel I noticed Bigger Leaner Stronger first by way of an Ad (unsure, nevertheless. I can’t bear in mind precisely) and after I learn the demo model of the ebook and noticed it was very low-cost I used to be immediately attracted!

The content material was tremendous educated. The language is quite common (it is a praise) and simply understood (No fancy phrases). The explanations are to the purpose with no extra jargon. And most necessary, it WORKED!

In my case, it was really simpler however nonetheless difficult. It was additionally very satisfying. The purpose I say it is because I at all times thought that onerous, grueling and intense exercises that final 2-Three hours are extra productive. I used to be used to being beat daily. With Bigger Leaner Stronger I used to be at all times felt contemporary and robust, had excessive vitality ranges and was extra assured.

Every different program I had tried whether or not from bodybuilding.com or from my very own, have been disappointing. The solely program that I rank highest amongst others is a 5×5 program which I adopted for a while (which is sensible, as a result of it’s closest to Bigger Leaner Stronger). However, I used to be doing an excessive amount of cardio and extra work that made even the 5×5 not work.

What do you want most about this system?

It’s easy and efficient. No fancy super-sets or drop-sets. Everything is clearly defined and illustrated (even warm-up!). The program makes you your personal private coach and have you ever consider your self based mostly in your numbers. It explains the science behind each chosen exercise and the way it impacts muscle progress.

It additionally provides you the choice to decide on between exercise splits as a substitute of telling you to do 1 set exercise routine for your complete time. For instance, you’ll be able to select between 5/4/Three even 2-day splits. It additionally provides you a database of workout routines to select from to your sarcoplasmic/myofibrillar units as a substitute of choosing 1 train and telling you to try this again and again.

Yes! The Program was simpler as a result of the one I used to be following previous to Bigger Leaner Stronger was extraordinarily laborious and ridiculous. Not as a result of it was an skilled stage. Not in any respect. But as a result of it was terribly designed and concerned a whole lot of excessive rep exercises and super-sets with no objective. Results from Bigger Leaner Stronger had been superb and method higher than anticipated.

How does this program evaluate with others you’ve tried?

Less time on the fitness center with extra resting time between units. Focus is on one train at a time as a substitute of a poorly designed super-set of three completely different workout routines. This helps you get higher one train at a time. It additionally retains you extra targeted on the carry you’re aiming at.

I didn’t comply with any meal plans or meal planning providers. Why? Because the ebook did such a great job in educating me on macros/micros, the significance of a excessive protein weight loss program, the significance of carbs to gasoline your exercises, the significance of meal planning and the way meal frequency shouldn’t be a giant deal. The worthlessness of some dietary supplements and the significance of others.

Most importantly Energy Balance! Therefore, I used to be capable of plan and cook dinner my very own meals and match my macros to my customized meal plan that labored nice with my schedule.

How has what you’ve achieved together with your physique modified different areas of your life?

Changing my physique enormously modified different areas of my life too. By spending much less time on the fitness center I used to be capable of be extra productive all through the day and had extra time outdoors the fitness center to do different actions. I clearly noticed how the way in which individuals checked out me modified as they seen my transformation.

I began getting a whole lot of compliments and folks asking how I did it. It felt nice to be known as “jacked, ripped” even “huge” generally after I’m solely 5’7”! When they requested what’s your secret I at all times stated no secret – simply Bigger Leaner Stronger. Then I instantly
took their contact numbers and shared the ebook by way of iBooks.

I’m far more assured and have nice quantities of vitality. I’m additionally far more productive since my exercises are quick and efficient, don’t take a complete day and don’t beat me up. I’m extra targeted all through the day on my work and different actions.

Who would you advocate this program to and why?

Anyone who desires to have a greater physique and really feel higher. From newbie to skilled. If you’re attempting to compete for bodybuilding or a powerlifting present, I’d advocate to begin with Bigger Leaner Stronger after which swap over to a extra focused program.

Is there the rest you’d like so as to add?

Bigger Leaner Stronger enormously modified my life and the way in which I take a look at figuring out and lifting weights. I used to be practically at a degree the place I used to be hating my exercises and even myself! Bigger Leaner Stronger introduced me my confidence again!

The web is filled with lies and advertising and marketing myths. Make certain you get your fingers on legit, research-based and science-backed data. Bigger Leaner Stronger or Thinner Leaner Stronger!

Did you employ any Legion dietary supplements?


Throughout my journey I’ve used (Depending on objective): Whey+ (All flavors), Recharge (fruit punch and unflavored), Pulse (fruit punch), Genesis (unique), Forge, Phoenix, Triumph, Fortify, Triton, Atlas, Thrive, and Lunar.

I’ve used nearly all of Legion Supplements and they’re all clinically dosed and scientifically confirmed. I actually like how they’re all naturally sweetened and flavored and don’t have any synthetic nonsense.

If I need to use a complement daily I actually don’t need it to have synthetic flavors, colours or sweeteners. Supplements, generally, produce completely different results relying on the particular person because it was my case. For instance, I didn’t reply nicely to Forge whereas I used to be reducing as a result of yohimbine however responded very nicely to Phoenix.

The Legion Crew was tremendous useful in refunding me for Forge and offering a alternative for it. On the opposite hand nevertheless, I used to be tremendous attentive to Recharge and noticed quick outcomes. I’m additionally very caffeine delicate (I prefer to hold it that method so I may really feel the pre-workout’s results) and thus Pulse labored completely!

I alternated the use – 1 day on 1 break day. Lunar was a little bit of hit or miss because it generally labored and different occasions didn’t so I wasn’t certain haha. Whey+ and Genesis are each current in my weight loss program yearlong. I’m bizarre and I actually like the unique taste of Genesis. I high veggies and even oatmeal with uncooked Genesis powder!

Yes, I do! Favorite Whey+ taste is strawberry banana. I exploit Fortify for two months after which take 1 month off. However, I at all times use it if I’m reducing (I really feel my joints get weaker after I minimize). Triton is a superb fish oil and really prime quality with excessive EPA/DHA content material.

Finally, I actually need to give Ascend a shot quickly!

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