Insulin Resistance and Heart Disease



  1. Insulin resistance is to coronary heart illness what smoking is to lung illness
  2. So what’s insulin resistance?
  3. Fat, Inflammation, and Blood Sugar
  4. Testing for Insulin Resistance
  5. What to Do About Insulin Resistance
  6. 6 New Ways to Love Your Heart
  7. References

Back in 2012 when heart specialist Steven Sinatra, MD, and I wrote our e-book, The Great Cholesterol Myth, I used to be fairly sure that testing for “good” and “unhealthy” ldl cholesterol was old-fashioned, and that our perception in its worth was now not justified. “Bad” ldl cholesterol was a awful predictor of coronary heart illness, was inaccurately named, and was definitely not sufficient on which to base a prescription for a strong drug.

But I confess, I wasn’t 100 % positive what we needs to be on the lookout for. Now I’m. It’s insulin resistance. Let me clarify.

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Insulin resistance is to coronary heart illness what smoking is to lung illness

Insulin resistance (IR) doesn’t account for all instances of coronary heart illness any greater than smoking accounts for all incidences of lung most cancers. But it tracks with and predicts heart problems higher than every other variable but studied. And it reveals up earlier. As a predictive marker, it blows “unhealthy” ldl cholesterol out of the proverbial water.

In the brand new and revised version of our e-book—due out in 2021—we painstakingly element the analysis displaying that IR predates heart problems with startling consistency. In truth, the connection is so apparent and demonstrable that we think about insulin resistance syndrome as one, if not the first, reason for coronary heart illness. It’s been hiding in plain sight for a really very long time.

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