Black Teas Similar To Darjeeling Tea – Other Himalayan Tea Growing Regions


Darjeeling tea, which often refers to black tea produced within the Darjeeling district of northeast India, is among the most well-known and highly-regarded kinds of tea on the earth. However, the Darjeeling district itself is sort of tiny, and there’s a a lot bigger band of areas on the foothills of the Himalayan mountain vary with an analogous local weather. Many of those areas additionally produce tea, and the tea is in lots of respects much like Darjeeling black tea.

This article explores a few of the black teas produced in different Himalayan areas exterior of the Darjeeling district. These areas embody different districts and states of India, reminiscent of Sikkim and Jalpaiguri, in addition to close by areas in different nations, together with Nepal and Bangladesh.

Other areas of India:

After Darjeeling, the next-best identified tea rising area of India is Assam. Although Assam is geographically very near Darjeeling, it’s positioned at a decrease altitude and has a markedly hotter local weather with larger humidity however decrease rainfall. These circumstances, paired with the truth that the tea grown in Assam is produced from a unique, large-leaf cultivar of the tea plant, ends in tea with a vastly totally different character from Darjeeling tea.

The different high-altitude areas close by, nonetheless, produce teas similar to Darjeeling. Sikkim is the best-known of those areas, though it’s in all probability nonetheless fairly esoteric to anybody aside from tea fanatics. Jalpaiguri, the district immediately east of Darjeeling, is probably much more esoteric.

Neighboring areas of different nations:

The teas most much like Darjeeling tea which can be grown out of India are these grown in Nepal. Darjeeling truly shares a considerable border with Nepal, and the areas through which tea is grown in Nepal not solely have primarily the identical local weather as in Darjeeling, however the traditions and tradition of tea cultivation there are additionally very carefully associated. Although they’re much like Darjeeling teas, and are labeled by the identical system of flushes (first flush, second flush, autumnal flush, and many others.) Nepalese black teas positively have their very own distinctive character to them and may be recognized as such to the educated palate.

Bangladesh can also be comparatively close to the Darjeeling district, and there are areas. Teas from Bangladesh, nonetheless, should not as broadly accessible on the Western market, and lots of of them are additionally barely much less shut in character and high quality to these produced in Darjeeling. Nevertheless, this nation does warrant point out.

In abstract:

Black teas produced in Darjeeling, India are among the many most well-known of high-quality, loose-leaf black teas. However, there are different close by areas, together with Sikkim and Jalpaiguri in India, and outdoors of India, neighboring areas in Nepal, which produce comparable teas. These teas have Darjeeling-like qualities, but additionally have their very own distinctive traits and provide an fascinating change of tempo for curious fanatics of loose-leaf black tea.

Source by Alex Zorach