Caffeine and Fear of Public Speaking


What a dummy! I ought to have identified higher. I used to be giving a enterprise presentation when my panic began. I felt afraid of talking. I used to be anxious and sweating. My coronary heart was racing. What was occurring?

Normally I really feel pleasure after I do a presentation. But this time, I felt a concern of public talking. I couldn’t imagine it. I had completed this seminar dozens of instances earlier than. I ought to have felt cool and picked up.

Then it struck me! Before my presentation, I had consumed a complete super-sized drink loaded with caffeine. Now the caffeine was kicking in. No surprise I felt my coronary heart racing! I used to be sweating so badly, an attendee kindly provided a Kleenex to wipe off my brow!

The caffeine had amplified my regular nervous vitality into terror!

How does caffeine add to the concern of public talking? According to the Mayo Clinic, “Caffeine is a stimulant that may make your coronary heart beat sooner, enhance your blood stress, and trigger nervousness and irritability.”

That additional caffeine is horrible when you’re already anxious earlier than doing a speech. The adrenaline rush simply earlier than going on-stage is sufficient of a “decide me up” with out including caffeine. Combining caffeine with nervousness ends in a sense of panic.

On stage, I paused by asking the individuals to look at their handouts. I took a number of gradual deep breaths to calm my metabolism so I used to be capable of end my presentation. But, I by no means need to repeat that have once more!

So, how a lot caffeine does a median drink include? Well, the Mayo Clinic states an eight ouncescup of espresso accommodates roughly 85 mg of caffeine, the same sized cup of black tea or inexperienced tea accommodates 40 mg and a 12 ouncescan of cola accommodates roughly 35-45 mg of caffeine.

So, study from my mistake and keep away from extreme caffeine earlier than giving a speech. You will really feel calmer consequently and assist scale back your concern of public talking.

One remaining be aware: If you usually drink espresso, tea or colas, do NOT change your routine on the day of your speech. The results of sudden caffeine withdrawal (lack of vitality, complications) also can trigger issues throughout your presentation.

Source by Mike Aoki