Caffeine-Free Herbal Teas That Taste Like Black Tea


Black tea is a well-liked drink produced from the absolutely oxidized leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Black tea naturally comprises caffeine; though the degrees of caffeine in all tea are a lot decrease than espresso, some individuals want to keep away from all caffeine, or must for medical or non secular causes.

This article explores caffeine-free natural teas that provide a taste and aroma profile just like that of black tea. There isn’t any actual match to duplicate the qualities of tea, however there are some good choices that may get you shut.

Rooibos: South African purple “tea”:

Rooibos will not be strictly a sort of tea, as it’s produced from a herb that’s not carefully associated to the tea plant. Rooibos is produced by means of an oxidation course of which is in some ways just like that used to supply black and oolong teas: after harvesting, the leaves are allowed to oxidize, on this case, turning them a wealthy purple shade.

Many tea drinkers describe rooibos as being most “tea-like” amongst caffeine free natural infusions. The taste profile is just like tea, maybe barely much less bitter, and the aroma is wealthy and earthy, with some fruity tones.

Red raspberry leaf:

Red raspberry leaf is finest referred to as a medicinal tea used to advertise ladies’s well being throughout being pregnant. However, not like some natural infusions really helpful for ladies, raspberry leaf doesn’t present proof of adjusting hormone ranges, and it’s a delicate herb, broadly thought of protected, so it’s protected for each women and men to drink commonly as a beverage.

The cup produced by steeping purple raspberry leaf in water is a wealthy darkish shade, very like a cup of black tea, and the aroma additionally shares sure traits in frequent with black tea. In spite of the truth that this drink is produced from the identical plant as raspberries, the aroma and taste of the brewed cup bears little resemblance to raspberries: as an alternative it’s earthy and herbaceous, someplace between the qualities of a robust black tea, and the contemporary smells of a leafy raspberry patch in summer season.

Other herbs, and my private abstract:

Although rooibos and purple raspberry leaf are the 2 herbs that come to my thoughts when considering of caffeine-free alternate options that almost all carefully resemble black tea in taste and aroma, there are a myriad of different naturally caffeine-free herbs on the market that produce scrumptious infusions. Even if you don’t discover them to carefully resemble tea itself, you could take pleasure in could different ones too. I’d encourage you to discover totally different natural teas and determine for your self which you take pleasure in most.

Source by Alex Zorach