China’s Black Teas – Made With Extraordinary Skill and Care


China’s black teas, referred to as “kung fu” teas, are a labor of affection. The time period “kung fu” refers back to the highest grades of black tea, fastidiously and assuredly made, with extraordinary care taken in every step of the manufacturing course of.

Called black tea within the West, it’s referred to as pink tea or hongcha in China. China’s black teas are very totally different from these of India and Sri Lanka. Rather than daring and sturdy, they’re smooth, candy, and aromatic, but full-bodied and flavorful. This is as a result of the Chinese slowly and thoroughly coax the flavour and perfume from the leaf, utilizing a a lot lighter contact and a lengthier, slower oxidation interval.

The longer, slower oxidation helps focus a kind of flavanoid referred to as thearubigins, and along with a lot of plump, candy suggestions, a advantageous pluck, and cautious, gradual processing attracts out the frivolously candy aroma of rock fruits, and hints of bittersweet chocolate (with out the bitterness).

There are a number of totally different households of black tea, every coming from a distinct space of China. From Anhui province comes the Keemun household of black teas. This contains Keemun Hao Ya (additionally referred to as Qimen Hao Ya or Keemun Downy Bud), Keemun Hao Ya B, Keemun Mao Feng (additionally referred to as Keemun Hairpoint Mao Feng), and Keemun Congou.

Keemun is China’s most well-known black tea, named after Qimen in Anhui province the place it is made. Keemun black teas have been favorites within the West for greater than a century due to their candy and intriguing chocolate taste.

China’s Fujian province is residence to the Panyang Congou household of black teas, which embrace Dan Gui, Golden Crab, Golden Monkey, King of Golden Needles, and Panyang Congou.

One of the final historic teas of its sort produced in China throughout the tea commerce days, Panyang Congou is fastidiously made, as its title implies (Congou is a variation of Kung fu, which means made with talent and care). Congou can also be a tea commerce classification for teas with this explicit twisted form.

For centuries Panyang Congou was handmade by expert masterful tea makers, however in the present day it’s made primarily by machine.

From China’s Wuyi Mountains within the northern a part of Fujian province, in an space thought of to be the birthplace of tea, comes a revered black tea, Lapsang Souchong (or Tarry Lapsang). Even although in the present day Lapsang Souchong is being marketed the world over, one of the best and unique model is barely produced in Wuyi Shan.

China’s Sichuan province is a mountainous area with huge areas of wilderness untouched as but by man. It is residence to a single black tea, Zao Bei Jian, additionally referred to as Imperial Sichuan.

In the far northwestern tip of Yunnan, relating the Tibetan Himalaya, Yunnan province is wealthy with historical past, and residential to a few of China’s most fascinating and flavorful teas, Yunnan Buds of Gold and Yunnan Golden Needles. Both are made out of an indigenous number of massive, broad-leaf tea bushes, identified to locals as dayeh, discovered solely is that this distant space of Yunnan province.

Considered to be a number of the highest grades of black tea, Yunnan Buds of Gold and Yunnan Golden Needles are made with a lot of lengthy suggestions, giving them a candy and creamy, malty taste with no bitterness.

In the southwestern nook of Yunnan province lies the recent and steamy tropical space of Xishuangbanna, residence to earthy black pu-erh teas. These wholesome teas are thought of to be medicinal by the Chinese. Research has confirmed their beliefs, with research exhibiting pu-erh teas to help in weight reduction in addition to most of the similar well being advantages attributed to inexperienced and white teas, that obtain minimal processing.

Source by Darlene Freiberg