Know Your Teas- Drink Them Right


Did there are over 3,000 distinctly completely different teas? There’s little likelihood you may get to attempt all of them, however fortunately there are only a few fundamental varieties. If you’ll be able to determine what sort of tea it’s, at the very least you may know the way to brew it and what to anticipate.

There are 4 fundamental sorts of tea: black, inexperienced, white and different (Pu Erh). They vary from robust breakfast teas with a robust caffeine kick to delicate inexperienced and yellow teas excellent to share with companions. Most necessary is the way you make the tea, as every sort should be handled good to get the perfect out of it. Here you will see that the principle methods to make tea, together with what tools to make use of and step-by-step directions. They cowl:

  1. Strong black tea: Assam (India), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), English Breakfast (mix).
  2. Delicate black tea: Darjeeling (India), Earl Grey (mix, flavoured with bergamot).
  3. Chinese black tea: Lapsang souchong, Oolong, Keemun (China) , Pu Erh (China, post-fermented).
  4. Green teas: Long jing, Gunpowder (China), Gyokuro, Sencha (Japan). Jasmine tea (scented with jasmine flowers).
  5. White tea: Silver needle, Eyebrow (China).

All tea is constructed from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which appears to be like so much just like the Camellias in our gardens. Although some drinks constructed from different crops are actually known as tea, that is actually deceptive and they need to be known as an infusion or perhaps a tisane. Here, tea is tea!

Most tea drunk within the Western world is black tea, and most is mixed from Assam or related potent varieties. The leaves are air-dried (oxidised) and damaged into small items, known as Orange Pekoe. The tea must be brewed with boiling water for simply Three or four minutes to develop its full flavour. It ought to be robust and invigorating, is good for breakfast and is greatest served in massive cups or mugs with just a little milk.

By distinction, the fragile black teas come from many various varieties, together with mountain teas like Darjeeling and flavoured blends like Earl Grey. Usually the leaves are bigger, and the color is commonly lighter. The tea normally tastes higher if the water is simply off the boil and a barely longer infusion is required, maybe 5 or 6 minutes. Most are greatest with out milk, or with only some drops, and may ideally be served in china teacups with some ceremony.

Chinese black tea and Pu Erh are just like the fragile black teas however have a spread of floral, fruity and smoky flavours. They have the bigger leaves and the lighter color, which tends in direction of reds and browns. This type of tea shouldn’t be drunk till it has stood for at the very least 5 minutes, and it continues to enhance for at the very least twice that point. It is common to pour the primary cup and tip it again within the pot to assist mixing. As the leaves are massive a strainer shouldn’t be wanted, and the tea is greatest served with out milk. Small conventional China bowls are good too.

Green and white teas are withered (partially dried) after which both pan-fried or steamed to keep away from oxidisation and retain the contemporary flavour. White teas consist primarily of buds and have a creamy or nutty flavour, whereas inexperienced teas are primarily leaves with a extra grassy flavour. Both varieties are rolled into distinctive shapes comparable to “eyebrows” earlier than ultimate drying. Jasmine tea is inexperienced tea flavoured with Jasmine flowers. The tea ought to be made with extremely popular somewhat than boiling water to keep away from growing an disagreeable bitter style. The tea can brew for an prolonged interval and may at all times be served with out milk, bowls most well-liked.

Each of those teas will also be now be present in tea baggage, containing finely powdered tea known as “mud”. It generally is a problem to get the water scorching sufficient to get a superb flavour, so for any black tea boiling water is a should. Milk ought to be added after 2 or Three minutes and blended by jiggling the bag, which might then be drained and eliminated (however not squeezed). It is feasible to make a fairly good cup of tea from tea baggage in case you are cautious.

Over the following few posts I’ll clarify in additional element for every type of tea the way to make it proper and the way to drink it proper.

Source by David York