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With individuals changing into extra well being acutely aware there was a rise on the consumption of tea. This is comprehensible as a result of tea has been linked to preventing getting old, coronary heart illness and even sure cancers. But with all of the tea available on the market one stands out due to its recognized well being advantages. Green tea has been seen because the well being elixir of all tea, however what type is finest? Or do you know there are differing kinds all collectively?


Little do most individuals know that there are over 10 sorts of inexperienced tea. With so many varieties, how is somebody suppose to know the distinction. Let alone which kind of inexperienced tea is the perfect for well being advantages like weight reduction, vitality, and antioxidants. Well listed here are a couple of, simply to offer you a quick introduction.

1) Sencha- This is probably the most generally used and extensively consumed. Great for weight reduction.

2) Fukamushi Sencha- Is steamed twice so long as common sencha within the processing methodology. The steaming course of makes the leaves slightly powdery and offers the tea a stronger taste and permits the tea to be absorbed sooner by the physique. This provides you a sooner vitality burst and means that you can digest extra of the teas vitamin.

3) Kabusecha- Is coated with a fabric or reed display screen one week previous to choosing the inexperienced tea leaves. This permits for the leaves to get a darker shade and enhances the flavour.

4) Matcha- Is like not one of the others. It solely is available in a powdered type and is barely made in Japan. It is grown like common inexperienced tea then coated with a fabric for weeks to extend its chlorophyll content material. When the leaves are picked they’re then floor right into a powder. The Matcha Powder is then ready by mixing with water and consuming. With matcha your entire tea leaf is consumed, and due to this its one of many healthiest teas on earth. Just one cup is equal to 10 cups of Sencha.


After talking with a number of tea retailers and well being coaches many agree that matcha tea is the healthiest type of inexperienced tea. Matcha has 10 instances extra antioxidants than different pure teas, and helps the physique block the absorption of fats cells. This is nice particularly for these new years resolutions. Not to say the caffeine in matcha is alkaline primarily based, so it does not give off a jittery feeling and the consequences can final 4-6 hours and not using a crash.


1) 10 instances extra antioxidants than another tea

2) Increased Energy Levels-Alkaline Based (1/Three caffeine of espresso)

3) Blocks Absorption of Fat Cells

4) Filled with Cancer Fighting Catechins

5) Helps Lower Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

With well being advantages like those above you need to give matcha tea a attempt. If your consuming inexperienced tea for well being advantages, you would possibly as properly drink the perfect kind proper?

Source by Cameron Thompson


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