5 Things You Need to Know About Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus

Trying to get pregnant could be a great journey.

It can be tremendous annoying and possibly a bit of complicated.

You could have spent most of your intercourse life avoiding being pregnant — like a accountable grownup. But now that you simply truly need to get pregnant?

Not as straightforward as you thought.

(Or possibly that’s simply me?) 

Luckily there’s a approach that our physique helps us work out after we are most fertile and prone to conceive. 

Cervical mucus. (A.Ok.A cervical fluid.)

Chances are you most likely have heard this time period earlier than and cringed. 

I do know I used to. 

I’m unsure what it’s about ‘mucus’ that simply makes us scrunch our nostril and shake our head saying ‘uh, no thanks.’

(It most likely has to do with the pictures of working noses that it conjures up…)

But observing your cervical mucus is a good instrument that allows you to know when your physique is prepared and the place you’re at in your cycle. 

Here are 5 issues it is best to find out about cervical mucus.

1.) Cervical mucus(also referred to as cervical fluid) is the discharge out of your cervix

You could have observed that this fluid modifications occasionally. Sometimes it’s extra fluid or gel-like in high quality. 

The texture of it additionally modifications with it’s various phases. Sometimes it’s slippery, dry, moist, or sticky.

Each of those performs an necessary function in your reproductive well being. It may also help you understand what stage of your cycle you’re at the moment in. Which means your physique is letting you understand when it’s prepared.

For what?

Accepting sperm.

Your cervical fluid is among the most dependable methods to foretell when you find yourself near ovulating. 

This is how you need to use your cervical fluid to inform when you have to be having intercourse to make a child. Or when it is best to abstain from intercourse. If you’ll have intercourse, make sure to use further precautions so you possibly can keep away from being pregnant. 

You most likely discover cervical fluid essentially the most after your interval. That’s when your physique is gearing up for ovulation.

There are 4 totally different sorts of cervical mucus and every occurs at totally different occasions in your cycle. 

Types of Cervical Mucus

Type 1: This is your lowest fertility. You gained’t be capable to see any fluid and you could expertise dry, tough, and itchy sensations. Or you could really feel nothing.

Type 2: Type 2 is assessed as low fertility. You nonetheless gained’t be capable to see any mucus however you will begin to really feel damp.

Type 3: Intermediate fertility. This is when you’ll probably discover thick, creamy, whitish/yellowish, non-elastic and sticky cervical mucus. You will proceed to really feel a moist sensation.

Type 4: This is the kind of fluid you need to preserve an eye fixed out for. This is your excessive fertility mucus. It will seem clear, stretchy, liquid, watery or reddish. This is when you’ll really feel moist and slippery.

Timing of Cervical Mucus

During your interval: This is the time throughout your cycle while you probably gained’t even discover your mucus as a result of, ya know, it’s coated in blood.

After your interval: Most probably you’ll have at the least a number of ‘dry’ days following your interval. This implies that you gained’t see any discharge in any respect. Type 1 and sort 2 occur right here main as much as ovulation.

Before you ovulate: This stage is when you’ll begin to discover the modifications between your cervical mucus. Take be aware as a result of that is when your physique is transitioning to get able to launch an egg. 

Your fluid will probably differ between yellow, white, or cloudy. The texture will likely be gluey or stretch. This is your sort 3.

Just earlier than you ovulate: Here is when you will notice a sort of fluid that reminds you of egg whites (earlier than they’re cooked). This cervical mucus will likely be clear and stretchy. If you are taking it between your finger and thumb, it’s going to probably stick collectively for about an inch or two. It can be watery and slippery. 

This mucus is your sort 4.

While you ovulate: The similar fluid you simply noticed will stay throughout your ovulation window. This is the perfect mucus to guard the sperm on its journey to your egg. 

If you need to conceive, that is the perfect time to have intercourse.

If you are attempting to keep away from being pregnant, use safety or abstain all collectively to be secure.

After you ovulate: Once your ovulation is over, you gained’t discover your discharge as a lot. The mucus you could discover at this stage will likely be thicker, cloudy or gluey once more (like earlier than your ovulation). You might also simply have dry days.

And then the cycle begins yet again with the beginning of your interval.

2.) How to Check Cervical Mucus?

If you’re attempting to get pregnant — one of the best ways to know when you find yourself most fertile is to test your cervical fluid. 

There are a number of other ways to do that however they mainly boil down to 2: outdoors or inside inspection.

Now, as bizarre as that would possibly sound, it’s actually not very tough to do.

The finest approach is to easily test your vagina.

To do that:

  1. First, wash your arms!
  2. Sit down in a squatting place (or on the bathroom) — this makes it a bit of simpler to succeed in
  3. Press a finger or two into the vagina 
  4. Remove your finger and observe the colour and texture of the fluid

Weirdly sufficient it’s sort of like doing your personal ‘cotton swap’. It’s simply your finger and vagina as a substitute of a q-tip and your mouth.

Another technique is to use bathroom paper.

Before going to the lavatory is when you need to use this technique most successfully.

  1. Sit down on the bathroom however don’t go but
  2. Take clear white bathroom paper
  3. Wipe the opening of your vagina
  4. Observe the mucus by noting its colour and consistency

If you’d slightly not do it both of these methods, the opposite choice is straightforward: 

Observe your underwear.

I’m positive you’ve had days the place you’ve observed discharge in your panties. It’s fully regular. (As lengthy because it’s the precise colour. If you see one thing out of the vary of regular for you, test along with your physician.)

  1. You gained’t observe something on days you’re dry
  2. You’ll begin to discover the cloudy, yellow — most likely dried in your underwear
  3. When you see precise moist spots — you’re most likely ovulating (Or in case you’re a mother, you may need peed a bit of while you sneezed final. Totally okay!)

Either of those strategies works that can assist you preserve observe of your cervical mucus.

Just remember that checking your underwear will not be as dependable because the others.

3.) What Does Cervical Mucus Look Like During Ovulation

Generally talking, you may have it all through your cycle.

It modifications in consistency nearer round your ovulation.

As talked about above, your most fertile mucus is slippery and stretchy in consistency whereas egg white in colour. 

This discharge reveals up one to 2 days earlier than you ovulate. When you discover this cervical fluid, you’re at your most fertile.

Sperm can final 3-5 days in this sort of mucus which means it will possibly survive longer to implant into an egg.

If you need a child, that is the time to be doing it.

If not, keep away from intercourse or use further safety.

When your cervical mucus begins to get gummy, your ovulation has probably handed.

4.) How Do You Increase Cervical Fluid?

The most necessary factor is to keep hydrated. Considering that is just about recommendation for every little thing, meaning you’ll most likely see extra advantages from it. 


The period of time you need to pee.

But possibly that’s simply to arrange you for being pregnant. (Trust me, you’ll pee quite a bit.)

There are additionally dietary dietary supplements you possibly can take. So when you’re popping your prenatal nutritional vitamins, go forward and add this one to the combo. 

These dietary supplements are supposed to assist improve mucus manufacturing and tone the liner of the uterus. This may also help your possibilities in attempting to conceive. 

Another option to improve your amount and high quality of cervical mucus is to attempt a sperm-friendly lubricant

This sort of lubricant is much like egg white cervical fluid in the way in which it options pH and it’s consistency. The thought behind this sort of lubrication is to assist the sperm survive. The longer sperm can survive, the extra probably it’s to succeed in your egg.

There are additionally some weight-reduction plan modifications you can also make in case you’d like a extra pure method.

  • Drink grapefruit juice: ingesting grapefruit juice every week earlier than you ovulate could assist with the amount and texture.
  • Eat your darkish inexperienced greens: greens like spinach and broccoli are excessive in alkaline. Alkaline environments are what assist sperm thrive. And if a lady’s physique is excessive in alkaline then her cervical mucus will likely be as effectively. Have your man eat his greens additionally to assist in giving his sperm high quality a lift. 
  • Eat carrots: carrots are wealthy in vitamin A which helps the physique improve the amount and high quality of the cervical fluid.
  • Lower your caffeine: in case you can lower it out altogether, even higher. Caffeine tends to dehydrate you which of them is counterproductive when it’s essential to keep hydrated.

Another factor you are able to do is to keep away from chemical-based intimate merchandise.

I’m speaking about issues like scented bathroom paper and even some tampons. The chemical compounds in these things can throw off your vagina’s pure stability. 

And in case your vagina isn’t balanced, neither will your mucus be. 

5.) Cervical Mucus And Early Pregnancy

Generally, the modifications in your cervical fluid when you find yourself pregnant are so delicate that they will not be a dependable supply of telling whether or not you’re pregnant or not. 

Pregnancy exams are nonetheless the way in which to go.

That being stated, there are modifications that occur to your cervical mucus throughout being pregnant. 

Thin and Milky-White Discharge

A skinny and milky-white discharge occurs throughout being pregnant, however can be current in non-pregnant girls. This fluid is named leukorrhea. You’ll discover a rise of this discharge due to the estrogen and blood circulation to the vaginal space. It’s not normally noticeable till week eight. 

Brown or Pink Cervical Mucus

If you discover brown or pinkish discharge, this can be a sign of implantation bleeding. This refers back to the time when an embryo could be implanting itself into the uterine lining. 

There’s truly not a lot proof that implantation bleeding is a factor. It’s kind of referred to as that merely due to the timing.

It’s attainable you could not expertise implantation bleeding in any respect in case you’re pregnant. 

There are additionally varied different causes that you simply is perhaps recognizing mid-cycle moreover being pregnant. It might need to do with hormonal modifications or ovarian cysts, as two examples. 

Increased Cervical Fluid

Before your interval begins, you could discover a rise in discharge.

This is because of the elevated blood circulation, the altering ranges of estrogen and your cervix making ready for menstruation. 

It’s onerous to note the distinction in your cervical fluid when you find yourself pregnant in comparison with while you’re not until you’re actually paying consideration.

For most of us — the modifications will likely be too delicate to note. 

But it doesn’t harm to regulate it and be aware the modifications. 


Cervical mucus is an incredible instrument to assist get pregnant (or keep away from it).

The better part? It’s already constructed into our our bodies and free.

There are six totally different phases of your cycle when checking for cervical fluid: your interval, after your interval, earlier than you ovulate, simply earlier than ovulation, throughout ovulation, and after ovulation. 

Each stage has a kind of cervical fluid to go together with it. They have totally different appearances and texture that allow you know the way fertile they’re. The vary is from lowest fertility (dry) to excessive fertility (eggwhite in look and slippery)

You can test your cervical mucus 3 ways: 

  • Manually
  • Underwear
  • Toilet paper

The cervical mucus throughout ovulation is essentially the most fertile. It is eggwhite (clear) and slippery in addition to elastic. When you observe this mucus it’s the finest time to be intimate if you wish to get pregnant. 

If not, keep away from intercourse or use further safety. 

You can improve your cervical mucus by:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Dietary dietary supplements
  • Sperm pleasant lubricants
  • A nutritious diet

Checking your cervical fluid could seem odd at first. But the advantages of figuring out your physique and the way it operates will shortly change the preliminary ‘ew’ issue.

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